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  1. Is mid grade weed fixed yet 😞
  2. Huskie Knegt

    Governor Elections: Campaign Stage

    The Huskie2020 team will soon release a brand new campaign video and website. Keep your eyes peeled for the next cinematographic masterpiece!
  3. Huskie Knegt

    Kings County Governor Election

    Roleplay Name: Huskie Knegt Steam64id: 76561198044948846 Roleplay backstory/presidential backstory: Huskie was a typical wage worker of the island of Kamdan. He worked as a full-time medic, a part time bus driver, and ran some hustles on the side. After Kamdan fell, Huskie found new beginnings in King's County, where he slowly watched the decline of the free market, the exploitation of the average working man in King's County, and the greed of the rich and wealthy who preyed off of the poor. Huskie participated in public assemblies and stood alongside the citizens of King's County to protest the right to public assembly and the decriminalisation of marijuana. He also let some kind folks use his truck if they asked nicely enough in order to get some of that bread for themselves, and selflessly handed out MP5s to those in need. Huskie has also provided grants to several members of the community to purchase housing, vehicles, firearms, and resources in order to ensure their prosperity. Huskie will decrease taxes, increase county spending on the KCFD to ensure that it doesn't fucking die, will legalise fully automatic firearms, will increase the UBI, and will ensure your right to free speech and public assembly in King's County. Huskie will bring liberty and salvation to all, and will redistribute the wealth of the island. He will un-seize the means of production so that we will be able to purchase backpacks and a wider variety of beverages, and will revitalise the economy of King's County. Huskie will also kindly ask the King's County Transport Department to carefully rethink how the hell they planned the roads in the first place, and will expand suburban housing in Kamdan Residential and other areas in order to alleviate the current housing shortage. Watch the campaign video:
  4. Is mid-grade fixed yet? Other than that, big pog
  5. I'm worried that these changes balances too far in the favour of the mafia against the cartel, Nerfing weed makes LSD more profitable than it, and the uranium buff as well will heavily favour mafia. Cocaine is only done for quests and Heroin is also not viable, leaving cartel with only one major source of income
  6. This is an absolutely incredible update. Great to see development and admin listening to the community and thinking of great solutions to problems. Here's to more progress in the future. EDIT: Does anyone vet the uniforms for quality before they are added? Cause the newly added gang uniform is... substandard quality, no offence
  7. Huskie Knegt

    Name your own road/location on the new map!

    Boulevard of broken dreams
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