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Orest Howson

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  1. Sad Orest Obest sounds... why do you do this to me doug.
  2. Orest Howson

    The People of the State of California v. Jesse Nova

    @Loxxon Husky At this time I and giving you my, Notice of Refusal, for my assignment to this case do to other engagements. I wish the best for both Prosecution and Defense.
  3. Orest Howson

    BrooksField v. Han Takahashi

    I was going to make an update on this. Do to some problems on mainland US I will be resigning from this case do to lack of availability on my end. I am handing over the case to @Papa Pugto give a fair and just ruling. I do apologize for the inconvenience and wish the best for both the plaintive and defendant.
  4. Please file that under the correct area and I will sign it.
  5. Orest Howson

    BrooksField v. Han Takahashi

    At this time I am currently reviewing some documents and will proceed with what I have deemed to be correct after. I do apologies for the delay. @Mitchell Murphy
  6. After court report. (Sorry for the delay in this I keep getting side tracked when ever I start it) Charges dropped down to Attempted 2nd and Criminal use of explosives. Guilty of both cases. Defendant was unable to make it to trial. I ordered that if after 72 hour he didn't attempted to contact the LRSO a warrant would be put out for him If I need to add any thing please pm me so I can fix that.
  7. Orest Howson

    BrooksField v. Han Takahashi

    Hello I am Judge Abernathy and I will be presiding over this case. At this time I will request that @Han Takahashi that you inform me of who your lawyer is or if you wish for a public defender to be appointed to you. I will give you 48 hours from the time of my post.
  8. So are we hosting court today or not?
  9. I do hope that teaches you to not go click on those sketchy websites that have sketchy adds about singles in your area. All jokes aside that’s understandable thank you for contacting your co council to take over for you. I hope it is a fast and cheap repair.
  10. At this time could I request the trial to be Thursday the 9th or Friday the 10th. I am very busy with paperwork.
  11. Is it just me or does trick look like a peaky Blinder in a gas mask for his card.
  12. At this time I am going to ask @Loxxon Husky @Aiden, ADN Are both party’s agreeing to court today in about an hour?
  13. Yes I have read the appeal. If prosecution is able to come to that time we will schedule it for then.
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