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  1. Thomas Ivankov


    Dude runs are still going to make more money, like there's no incentive to not do runs like hello?
  2. Thomas Ivankov


    When I started 4.0 I had the 200k dump truck doing lsd runs I would make 60 k a truck. Now of course uri makes more money but that's fucking mind-blowing to me to make a mill i would have to do 16 runs of lsd and each LSD run is like 45 minutes. If we wipe I'm telling you, you will see a dip in the population of this server, Its not in the best interest of literally anyone
  3. Thomas Ivankov


    A wipe will hurt the player base of the server, When i joined anzus and had to do runs for 2 weeks straight and wasn't even at a mill i burnt myself out so bad, If it eco wipes i doubt i will be playing much. I think the 50/50 rule will make majors so much better i.e (eliminating roaching), PR's i think need to be public to show what players break rules in a situation or are being reported for being toxic. The rest i don't care about at all.
  4. Thomas Ivankov


    1. Either way a wipe won't hurt me too much, as on one hand I'm not to far in money wise, Sure I have some gpus and like a truck but other then that I don't have much. I think the only really complaint I have with a wipe is the fucking grind that comes with it. I personally think that money on anzus is beyond hard to make when you are first starting out and that if I have to grind like I did when I first joined anzus I think would get burnt out in the blink of an eye. 2. Yes, 1000000% yes class 3's need to be back in the rebel shops. I think class 3's were decently hard to get before auction and the class 2's in rebel, I think adding some 3's back to rebel will make it more fun as if you lose a class 3 kit you're not extremely worried about where your next one will come from. Not sure exactly what you mean on overhaul for crafting making it harder? no thanks but if you make the system easier and more rewarding (i.e. more xp for guns and shit) then I think crafting will be a huge part of Anzus. 3. This one I don't mind either way, I personally don't have a problem with the way that majors play out, But if it's for the betterment of the server for sure change it. 4. Yeah I definitely think that most people can agree that fighting cops after a while gets boring be that with different aspects of how cops play on the server or whatever but i think civ fights where both parties are just fighting for fun/control over another are or something like that is stupid fun. I think it will also be a lot more fun as both parties really have something to lose if they're friends die/bleed out as class 3 kits are decently expensive On another note please make money easier to get like I said I don't want to get burnt out because I have to spend 2 weeks of straight lsd runs to be even close to being at a stable bank account, And maybe rework the level system? Or keep the Taki level system but lower the amount of points you get per level? I think every one can agree that the level system is hell once you get into the higher levels on normal KP
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