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Wisconsin Johnson

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  1. Wisconsin Johnson

    The People of The State of California v Tariq Jamal

    Friday I won’t be available until 7 PM EST as I’m preparing to go out of state not this weekend but next weekend. Can definitely be there at 7 PM EST Friday though !
  2. Wisconsin Johnson

    Prosecutor Application

    Name: Wisconsin Johnson Age: 25 Steam64ID: 76561198204373939 Country of Residence & Time zone: USA , Eastern Discord ID: Bayareaburnout#6039 Character Questions: Do you currently possess a BAR license?: Y/N Yes Have you been convicted in the last week of any felonies?: Y/N No Please list any previous experience as a prosecutor below, or any other relevant experience: 2007 to present at the Johnson and Bear Law Offices (50-100 words) Resourceful and well-established County Attorney with 18 years of extensive experience in criminal and civil laws and advanced knowledge of the powers, limitations and authority of the County Attorney. Thorough understanding of litigation proceedings including rules of civil procedures, rules of evidence, rules of criminal procedure, rules of juvenile procedure, and the criminal code. Highly skillful and equipped in trial advocacy, search warrant and investigation review, charging decisions, motions practice and hearings, pre-trial negotiations, non-jury and jury trials, and appeals. Extremely competent of presenting complex trials and statements of fact logically in written and verbal form, and decision-making in adversarial circumstances. Proven ability to interpret laws, regulations, local codes and legal documents. Demonstrates mature judgement and discretion qualities while effectively directing support staff and non-professional staff members. Personal Questions: Do you fully understand English: Yes Is this the first time you are applying to the DA's office?: Yes Why should you be accepted into the Prosecutors office?: (50-100 words) I am working as an appellate attorney in Johnson's Organization in California from January, 2007 to till date and my responsibilities are explained below. I am responsible for preparing case materials for trials such as discussion with the clients, collection of evidences and relevant records, discovery plan and opposing substantive motions. I am responsible for conducting, business, intellectual property and contract for litigation. I am looking after the trials connected with public utility, environmental problems, general business, and appellate litigations. I have supervised many criminal investigations and given training to the junior attorneys in this regard. I am in charge of the administration of the company and maintain perfect records on the legal suits filed and handled by the company. I do believe i am the right man for the job with the right experience and can do attitude! Do you affirm that to the best of your knowledge the information above is correct?: Y/N Yes
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