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  1. In Game Name: Tobie Myobi Amount of Hours:https://gyazo.com/ff0ada7fcdea76e36bfac1c6bd8c23fb Age:21 Steam ID:76561198034605544 Previous Gangs:N/A Balance:40k Level:12 Why do you want to join The Di'Pinto Crime Syndicate? I was Chillin at Rebel had a conversation with one of the members. We were talking about strength in Numbers and how easy Fed would be with more Active people on. Im a Skilled marksman Served in the Arma KOTH War as a Infantryman got to rank 89. And im ready to mingle.~TobieMyobi
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  3. In Game Name: Tobie Myobi Amount of Hours: 20+ Age:21 Steam ID: 76561198034605544 Previous Gangs: N/A $Balance:200k Level:11 Why would you like to become a King? : Was Recommended to join by Member In an Activity.
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