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  1. James Kuran

    Player Report

    They swerved in-front of our car whilst hitting us you can hear on the first video the sounds of our cars hitting at the low speeds that forced us to then desync off the road, and based of 10.2 - Civilians (includes rebels) may only ram other vehicles while in initiation. If rammed outside initiation you may retaliate, creating an initiation, 10.1 still applies. we are allowed to retaliate aka shoot them for the attempted/successful desync ram whether it was intentional or not is irrelevant
  2. James Kuran

    Jaiden Nelson - EMS APP

    Applicant filed the wrong template as hes a Officer in the KSP - Reapply block revoked (may apply for Volunteer when hes Senior Officer) James Dixon Administrative Services
  3. James Kuran

    Bobby Simmons-Player Report

    As you can see in the video Mr Kay Dee Pulled his gun and started to shoot
  4. James Kuran


    As, Jason Knows i was not aware of the issue of the walls being able to be rammed so i tested it and thats why i found out it was bugged, no where have i been informed that this was a known issue.
  5. James Kuran

    James Delgado and Lucky Dahlia- Player Report Bear Alpha

    I Will also like to add how you was OOC the whole time saying how Delgados will be getting Wiped and removed due to interfering with a major and saying i will be reporting you the whole time which is FailRP, just as a fyi me calling a friend retarded is not against the rules as hes my FRIEND
  6. James Kuran

    James Delgado | Player report

    This Report and the other one are all reports involving the same situation i have already received points for NVL that you can see on my profile, now i admit i should not of said what i said in death chat but this person constantly talks shit to me about me being bad etc, and as seen in his other report he has it out for me since my gang robbed and killed him in the space of 1 hour and as proven in his video on the 4.3 rule break he states that hes going to be getting be banned/deported thus showing his intent to witch hunt me (making 3 separate reports on the same situation) as He Initiated on me, then Killed me, he then got killed by my gang as we out numbered them 4-2, he then trash talked in death chat thus making me mad, after this i then get CPRd as the situation is code 4, we then get in a gun fight with Shadow Division as we were near a red zone, this is where i died the second time and he starts complaining about combat reviving and again saying i am trash so i dropped the R word, we then get CPRd and as i am not happy i decided to shoot his body, and in no way did i stop EMS from doing there jobs. I would request all 3 cases to be dropped as in 1 of them i did nothing wrong and the other 2 are from the same situation that i have received points from, this Person is just out for blood.
  7. James Kuran

    James Delgado | Player report

    I was not the person who initiated or started the gun fight, and as seen in the video Lucas shoots me before i even knock him out.
  8. James Kuran

    James Dixon - Player Report

    Hello Sorry @Adam Johnson i thought Mitch Thompson initiated correctly as i was at the back of the house while he initiated this is my bad, you know me i wouldn't fuck you over if i knew we didn't have valid initiation
  9. James Kuran

    Jaguar Giveaway [7000 members]

  10. James Kuran

    Jimmy Antico Player Report

    "Case Closed Hello @Joseph King, I Will be closing this case as i have come to a conclusion @Jimmy Antico You will be receiving points for RDM the reason behind this is, although he has a gun pointed at your head there was no initiation and its in a green zone Sincerely, James Chappers, Moderator
  11. James Kuran

    Player Report - Ethan Alworth, Carter Lucas & Tamen Lucas

    Case Closed @Lucas Rodriguez Thank you for bringing this case to staff @Tamem Lucas @Carter lucas You will not be receiving points today but take this as a warning using soundboards is highly annoying while being are awaiting staff i dont want to see this again. @Ethan Alworth you will be receiving 40 Points for Racism/Discrimination shouting things within a Staff waiting room that any member can join is beyond ridiculous let alone how offensive what you said was. Sincerely, James Chappers, Moderator
  12. James Kuran

    RDM in greenzone (rebel)

    @Tom Genovese do you have any proof of your allegations
  13. James Kuran

    Wiket King - Reporting Brandon Sanders

    Case Closed Hello, I will be Closing this case as Wilket would like to drop the case @Brandon Sanders @Wiket King Sincerely, James Chappers, Moderator
  14. James Kuran

    Wiket King - Reporting Brandon Sanders

    I would also like to make a few comments based on the rules stated by both parties. Whether you have keys or not does not mean you can drive your car into the water, the reason this rule was added was because IRL the pressure of the water would force the doors to be closed. On another subject, its clear to me that no S1 was Attempted / Successful thus meaning there was no initiation, Brandon however is correct in saying its the responsibility of the person who claims that they have initiation, which in this case @Brandon Sanders do you have any proof to whom said that you had initiation? and proof of the PD attempting Initiation while Wiket was swiming away? If the PD has proof they attempted an initiation but you was going under water, the PD can not control that, which would mean 4.10 would not come into affect as the PD are not the ones in control of if you can hear or not, they have several guns pointed at you before you swim out and you still swam, which then resulted in you dieing this could be seen as FVL but i will not be pushing that rule brake today as this is a complicated case and i would like to come to a reasonable solution to this case.
  15. James Kuran

    Wiket King - Reporting Brandon Sanders

    Under Review Hello, I will be taking this case @Brandon Sanders You Have Been Reported For Failed Dec You Have 24 Hrs To Respond with your side of the story. Sincerely, James Chappers, Moderator
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