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James Berrington

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  1. Do we keep our money from Kings County?
  2. *fix nihilist SAS hood* poggy woggy update tho
  3. James Berrington

    [SERVER EVENT] Region Wars [THIS SUNDAY!!!]

    Another event for me to win zzz
  4. James Berrington

    [SERVER EVENT] Next 4 weeks schedule

    Looks like i got 4 events to win
  5. James Berrington

    Highville Gas

    Your Name: James BerringtonYour UID: 76561198372610185Stores Owned: Highville Gas StationRequested Name: Berrington Inc.
  6. James Berrington

    Phantoms Gas Stop

    Your Name: James Berrington Your UID: 76561198372610185 Stores Owned: Phantoms Gas Stop Requested Name: Berrington Inc.
  7. James Berrington

    PCML Olympics [After this weekend gang wars]

    Your name: James BerringtonYour partners name: Frank TwinkletoesYour group name: TwoGayMen NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING GAY
  8. James Berrington

    [Community Vote] Wipe?

    +1 This old coot knows his shit
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