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  1. James Berrington

    James Berrington - Unban Appeal

    Your in-game name: James Berrington Your SteamID64: Only a TS ban Appeal Type: RFC, I think that means remove from community? But anyways It's only TS I'm banned from. Who banned you: You were banned permanently from the server by "Doug" (RFC - Pedo) Why were you banned: I was on the TS and as a joke I messaged somebody with a tag that said something about a 12 yr old so I messaged that person saying " I love you, It's legal in Anzus" and then got permed by Doug idk why. I'm assuming that person is actually a 12 year old and if so I simply didn't know that and if i did i would't have said it. Ban duration: You were banned permanently from the server by "Doug" (RFC - Pedo) Why should you be unbanned? (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence): I feel like I should be unbanned because I literally just started playing on this server like yesterday (yes i know i made my account a while ago) and in my defense I didn't know it was actually a 12 year old, if i did i wouldn't have said that shit, i thought it was just a joke because i thought there was a age limit on who could be staff. I don't even know if I'm banned off the server but he banned me off the TS. Edit: I would also like to add that to anyone involved in this situation that I apologize for everything I've said as it was very inappropriate, and even though It's on the internet it WAS NOT okay to say, especially since it was said to an actual child (which again didn't know that at the time so I'm sorry @Bailey Jumper).
  2. James Berrington

    Gang clothes

    So i'm working on my gang uniform right now because in the future we plan on becoming official and having it in the server, but first i wanna see what it looks like in game but i don't know how to see that, like i can put vehicles in game and see them but i have no clue how to put custom clothing in the editor and look at it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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