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  1. Droopzz

    Droopzz - Staff application

    Personal Details In-game name: Kameron Jumper Age: 21 Steam 64 ID: 76561198857302583 Timezone/Region: EU/AU ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Questionnaire How long have you been apart of the ANZUSGaming community?: 1 year in a few days. Have you ever been banned? (for whatever reason): Yeah, twice. What is your motivation for applying for a support position within ANZUS? (75 words minimum): What skills can you bring to the team? (50 words minimum): I can bring top banter and loads of other stuff including doing support cases, help on the forum, in-game and the discord just genuinely helping people and making KAMdan a better place. I can also bring organisation, fair sided arguments and be a great second opinion on certain situations which would be good. My motivation to apply for support is that I know I'm a fair sided guy with a confident personality who is willing to help anyone in anyway possible with FAIR judgement. I'm very active and very calm/respectful. Active in UK/AU time so can help two time zones, level headed, very organised and INSANELY active. I absolutely love the community and the founder and staff seem cool, so it would be amazing to be a part of it! Do you have any experience elsewhere in a position of power over a community?: Not really
  2. Droopzz

    Danny Everest FiveM Whitelist application

    Accepted Thank you @Danny Everest for your interest in the AnzusRP FiveM server. After reviewing your application, we have decided to accept you. Please make sure you are aware of all of our rules, and most importantly have fun being immersed!
  3. Name: Discord username: Age: Date of birth: Which Sub Development Role are you applying for?: • In-Gaming Development • Graphic Designer • Map Development Why do you want to be part of our Development team? (200 word minimum): Can you post some examples of your work (at least two different examples, Link to work if needed): Are you currently working on something you would like bring here?: Will you be fully committed to this role?: Will you be willing to co-operate with other developers?: Will you treat all community members with respect?: Are you planning to get whitelisted on the server or do you just want to develop?: Do you understand that we might be giving deadlines for projects and that you are required to finish this project before the deadline? (if you think the deadline is too fast, you can always discuss that with the Development Directors): Do you understand that if you're caught leaking/stealing anything owned by anzusgaming you will be blacklisted from our community?:
  4. Droopzz

    Server Rules

    AnzusRP Rules Welcome to the AnzusRP rules. These rules must be followed and if broken will result in the appropriate punishment. These rules are subject to change and will be announced when/if changed in the AnzusRP discord. First of all read this and have the correct, open mindset. This is not GTA online, it is a real-life simulation role playing whatever you like. Please always keep these two things in the back of your head 1) “Would this ever happen IRL?” 2) “Would pulling my gun out right now make better roleplay?”. Realistic Character names is also a requirement (For example: "Jack Smith" is a realistic name. "Seven Chainz" for example is not a realistic name. -Once you've picked a main character name please change your nick name in the discord to suit this. 1. Reporting -You must wait at least 12 hours before you are able to submit a report on the forums. You are required unless not possible to message the person you are reporting and try and resolve the problem between yourselves. -If you can not solve the problem please fill out a player report on the forums. This requires 30 seconds of video evidence leading up to the incident and after. -UNLESS IT IS URGENT: HACKING, CHEATING, MASS RDM, EXPLOTING, DUPING ETC. 2. Deathmatching (a) RDM - Random deathmatch is killing another player with no valid RP reason and/or no initiation. (Example: Running up to somebody and shooting without saying a word. (You must use a demand and consequence if you plan on hurting another player. “Get out of the car, we’re armed and we will shoot”) (b) VDM - Vehicle deathmatch is using a vehicle to intentionally hurt another player and/or destroy their vehicle with no valid RP reason. -(Example: Seeing someone on the sidewalk and purposely using your vehicle to hit/kill them for no valid reason.) (c) Revenge Killing - Seeking out an individual who has previously killed you and Killing them multiple times with no valid RP reason. -(Example: If someone knows about you “dying” / taking the light and tells you, Yes it is understandable to go for revenge, but after you’ve took revenge that's the end of it. We won’t stand for back and forth shootings, its bad RP.) KOS: Kill on Sight is killing another player without any interaction during or prior. 3. Metagaming (a) Using knowledge of server events, prior events, stories that your in game character would not know and talking in third party applications while on the server. (Yes this includes watching streams while playing the server at the same time) (b) Examples of third party applications: Steam, Twitch/YT, Discord, TeamSpeak, Mobile and email. (c) Example of metagaming: Speaking to someone you know in the server in discord instead of in game and acting on events/sharing knowledge that your character does not know. 4. Community Respect -Any use of; racist, homophobic, sexual, erotic and discriminating remarks in or out of character will result in an instant ban. (in or out of character.) -Harassing someone with offensive language or threats out of character will result in an instant ban. -Arguing with staff because you disagree with their decision is unacceptable. Staff has final say. (respect the staff, they’ve put a ridiculous amount of work/time and money to make this a server for you guys to enjoy.) -Reporting all bugs and not exploiting anything, You could single handedly mess up the economy or give yourself personal advantages, not only is this unfair on us as staff it's unfair on the players around you. -No toxicity or salt IC or OOC. just respect each other, you’re all playing a game you enjoy. 5. Extreme characters and situations -Suicidal characters; If you want your character to commit suicide, commit to it. Under no circumstance are players permitted to abuse or manipulate suicide RP. If your character is on top of a tall building and jumps off you will be forced to perma that character. Suicide is not a joke OOC or IC. -ERP, Erotic roleplay or “rape roleplay” - if caught/reported taking part in this type of roleplay you and all parties will face a potential permenant ban. Anything sexual is not only a rule break, it's against FiveM’s Terms of service. (Kissing, romance and cuddling is okay, No sexual/rapey or pornographic acts are permitted.) -Never bring in character situations out of character or try to report people for things that could happen IRL, for example corrupt police, lying judges, go through the correct IN GAME channels to get these people in trouble. -Every character must be serious, No famous names, No superheroes etc. -Perma death, If you permanently kill your character there is no bringing them back, they’re gone. (unless you roleplay you’re going into a coma.) -Torture RP, cannibalism, dismemberment or other extremely morbid activities will need full permission from all the players involved, it could be too intense for some people. 6. Breaking Character -At no point should you ever break character in the server. Whether you’ve been RDM’d emotionally abused, a glitch has happened ANYTHING you stay in character and roleplay the situation out until you can speak to staff OOC. -Make sure everything you say while in the server is realistic and said within the roleplay of your character/voice. -Never talk in an OOC manner about Police/DOJ/Ems being “unfair” -Don’t play music through your mic in anyway at all (Unless roleplaying a DJ at an actual IC event.) -If going AFK roleplay it naturally, don’t say “I’m going in my head or brb, be back in 5” -There is a document in the discord that tells you ALL key bindings, don’t ask people “what muscle do I flex to do this” when we have provided all key bindings. -Do not talk about your second/other character. There's no way you’d know them unless someone that does know them has spoken to you about them. “My cousin is coming into town soon or Hey, Jake's cousin is coming into town soon” is not permitted. 7. Forcing roleplay -Trying to; Preform sexual acts, permanently kill someones character without permission or trying to change someones story to suit you is not acceptable. (Example: Shooting someone in the head 100 times and then asking them why they’re not “dead dead” if seen again. If they want to perm there character its their choice.) -Making someone feel bad about any roleplay situation after it has happened because it didn’t go how YOU wanted or as good as you imagined. 8. Value of life -The value of life rule is put in place to make the server roleplayed immersion better regardless of your role in the server (Criminal, Police, EMS, Etc.) This rule is implemented to make a realistic environment and make sure you think about what would happen in a “real life” situation. -Examples of gunplay over roleplay. -Don’t drive crazily, (like 200mph through the city) unless your driving is for a valid RP reason, like avoiding the police, someone trying to kill you etc. If someone has a gun blatantly pulled out aiming at you, do not try to retaliate, by the time you’ve pulled your gun out you will have been shot. -Do not commits crimes in front of a police station with no RP reason. -Thinking nothing of jail times and fines is still breaking our value life rule. (No one realistically wants to be in jail all the time and have millions of dollars worth of fines. Please act like these are affecting you. -No real life crazy criminal goes round a city robbing 10 people an hour, 5 banks a day, drives 150mph off cliffs and even the most hardened criminal will not try to fight someone with a gun pointed at them. 9. Gunplay over roleplay -Whenever you are in an escalating situation which could lead to violence or gunfights with other characters, police, pedestrians always try not to use your gun unless necessary. Always think to yourself these two things in any situation “Will this make roleplay more enjoyable for me and the other party if I pull my gun out in this situation or can it be resolved/avoided in better/other ways.” 10. Fail RP -Repeatedly killing/robbing the same person. Wait at least 1 hour or let the RP occur naturally. -Using military vehicles like jets, tanks, or jumbo jets. -Do not use explosives of any sort. -Using an aircraft/helicopter to do chain robberies. -Using stupid vehicles for unrealistic situations (examples: Flying a motorbike or car off a high cliff) -The use of pedophile, rapist, racist or homophobic storylines. -Having the character under the age of 16. -No terrorist names for your character or criminal organizations. -Not roleplaying your injuries to your max potential (EMS like to roleplay too.) -Respawning if you know EMS are online. 11. Abuse of bugs, exploits and cheating -If you find a bug report it immediately and do not abuse it. -if you find an exploit report it immediately and do not abuse it. -Do not use any third party applications to give yourself in game advantages (autoclickers, crosshairs, runscripts, etc) -Do not cheat in anyway at all whether it be internal, external or third-party. -All reports must be posted in the “report a bug” section on the forums, If urgent DM the bug to any senior admin or above. 12. Combat logging -If you have died in game there is no possible situation that leaving the server is acceptable, you must wait to be revived or wait until you can respawn at the hospital (IF NO EMS ARE ONLINE) -After respawning at the hospital or being revived you must wait until the active situation is over or 10 minutes before leaving the server. 13. Scamming and robbery -Robbing a player is acceptable if you have a valid RP reason but only whatever is on the person at that time. (Forcing them to go to the bank/house stash to withdraw items or money this is unacceptable and will be classed as powergaming.) -Making them physically give you ownership of their car/property/business is not allowed. 14. Avoiding a ban -If you have been banned it has been a staff decision and the only possible way to change this it to post a ban appeal on the forums in the “ban appeal” section. -Whether this ban is on the server,discord,teamspeak or forums you will get a longer ban or worse punishment if you rejoin these in any way (separate account, VPN, etc.) 15. Selling in-game items/money OOC -Anything in game whether it be items, money, or even services will result in an instant permenant ban if sold OOC for any sort of exchange. -For example selling 100k in-game money for $20 dollars. -Doing a service of some sort for someone in-game (murdering, kidnapping, etc) -Selling your car/business/house in-game for IRL money. -NEVER ask another member of the community for any money/donations of anysort. 16. Inappropriate/Unreal clothing or vehicles -Do not wear outfits that make you look invisible or unrealistic. -Do not use unrealistic/offensive freemode skins. -Going into the military base is prohibited and will be seen as fail RP. (this isn’t a place to storm area 51) -Do not use any vehicles that are unrealistic to your roleplay (blimps, Flying cars, Armoured vehicles) -Stealing a police vehicle is only permitted if its a characters police car. No stealing NPC police cars. -Never steal ems vehicles, or EMS unless it is really needed to increase roleplay. 17. Police/EMS rules and guidelines -Do not bait police (This is making police chase you/investigate you because you’ve forced the roleplay. For example speeding past a cop car multiple times or posting incriminating tweets on twitter. -Do not call the Police/EMS and bait them into a situation where you or anyone else will end up killing, robbing or kidnapping them for no valid RP reason. -Never purposely injure yourself to get fully healed by the EMS. -Police/EMS are not a taxi service, do not ring/text them for a ride. -EMS are a neutral service, they’re not on the polices’ side or the civilians meaning you shouldn’t worry about them calling the cops on you unless they feel threatened. -There should be no reason to harm/steal from EMS unless they provoke you. 18. Jobs -If you are on duty on your job (civilian or whitelisted) you must be using the job vehicle(s) provided. (this does not apply to the taxi job, you are permitted to use your own vehicle) -Do not go on duty just to receive a perk of your job to then go instantly off duty. -Do not use your job vehicle for personal use. 19. Whitelisting -If you are thinking of applying or have recently been accepted, please be aware that we have a 14 day probation in which your RP and general attitude in and out of character will be evaluated. -If there are any rule breaks during this time we will remove your whitelisting, meaning you must re-apply to be reconsidered. -You must be over the age of 18. (if you are 16 or 17 and have a recommendation from a member of staff or respected community member we may accept you) -You must stay in discord in order to keep your whitelist. It’s the primary contact for player/staff issues and the fastest way for us to announce important changes to the server and rules. 20. Powergaming -Do not roleplay that you’ve bought a bomb and are planning to destroy something unless you’ve actually obtained a bomb. -Use twitter or your phone if incapable of doing so (For example if you’re in prison, dead, handcuffed, etc.) -Do not punch someone and make out you’ve knocked them out if they are still standing/awake -Do not force someone to permadeath or make remarks about them not permadeathing. -Roleplaying that you have any item on you that you can not possibly have (something that’s not in the script/server) Do not rob someone or steal someone’s vehicle just because they’re in cuffs due to another situation that does not involve you. -You must not exceed a maximum of 4 people whilst doing a criminal activity -There must only be max 5 EMS and 10 Police on at any point in time. 21. WL Job corruption -If you want to be corrupt in a whitelisted job (eg. corrupt police officer, corrupt judge/lawyer) you must check first with our staff team out of character to get permission. -If you know someone is corrupt OOC never act different with them due to it IC. -Understand that both lawyers, cops and criminals can lie IC and it should not be mentioned OOC. 22. Criminal activities and Factions -Only 4 people may take part in any criminal activity together (robbing a bank, store, etc.) -You may have groups larger of 4 to cruise around/hang together and if someone initiates on you that is there own fault and you may retaliate as the group you are. -Only 6 LSPD may be on at any point. -Only 4 EMS may be on at any point. -Only 4 FBI may be on at any point. Forum: https://www.anzus.life/ Discord: https://discord.gg/DCYeKVY Thank-you for reading and understanding AnzusRP’s official rules, if you have any questions feel free to ask in the #help-desk in the discord.
  5. Droopzz

    Jon Dice - Staff Application

    Your application has been Accepted please join Requesting SLT+ in Teamspeak for an interview with an Admin+, make sure you have (Staff Interview in your name) ts.anzusgaming.com
  6. When you steal a police car, get away, roll it and get stuck for an hour.
  7. Droopzz

    Player Report

    @Rick You have been reported for: FAIL RP/Not valuing your life. You have 24 hours to provide your defence and any collaborating evidence for your story. Failure to respond within 24 hours is acceptance to you forfeiting this ability. Regards Darkzy
  8. Droopzz

    Report A Player

    @Rick You have been reported for: RDM You have 24 hours to provide your defence and any collaborating evidence for your story. Failure to respond within 24 hours is acceptance to you forfeiting this ability. Regards Darkzy
  9. Droopzz

    Darkzy Staff app

  10. Droopzz

    Staff application

    +1 gang members make good staff
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