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  1. Jack Black

    Punishment Report - Josh Black

    Processed by OOHR - 09/12/2019 Still pending Contract Termination.
  2. Jack Black

    Jack Dungs - Kamdam Police Application

    DENIED Hello, Thank you for applying to the KSP. At the moment your application has been denied: PD Blacklisted Don't feel free to re-apply ever. Sincerely, Jack Black - Lieutenant KSP
  3. Jack Black

    Jang Wang - Discharge Report

    Re-Processed by OOHR - 08/12/2019 Issues occuring within the HR Department lead to paperwork being misplaced and lost.
  4. Jack Black

    Jang Wang - Discharge Report

    Name: Jang Wang Badge Number: 248 Current Rank: Senior Trooper Reason for Discharge: Investigated legitimacy within the Police Department - No Application found - No P1/2 Trainings - Promoted falsely Jang Wang may appeal decision to the "Senate" with evidence of Application / Trainings etc. UID: 76561198202198100
  5. Jack Black

    Loxxon Husky LOA

    Dates adjusted to 10/12/2019 - 13/12/2019
  6. Jack Black

    Nickolas Hardwick - LOA Request

    Re-Processed by OOHR - 07/12/2019
  7. Jack Black

    Josh Black - Suspension Report

    Processed by OOHR - 07/12/2019
  8. Jack Black

    Jang Wang - Punishment Report

    Processed by OOHR - 07/12/2019
  9. Jack Black

    Tom Michaels Discharge Request

    Processed by OOHR - 06/12/2019
  10. Jack Black

    Fifty Cal - player report

    Another unknown cop starts shooting at them they accept that type of "initiation" and starts shooting back so obviously said cop is going to call for assistance on radio I pull up over 190m away and kill the guy shooting at the officer. I'm clearly not the first person who engaged in combat and arrived later behind said person and took him out as he was CLEARLY engaging police, whether the initation was valid or even there in the first place is irrelevant now since you shot back and how am I supposed to know this from when I'm arriving on scene as backup and not originally there... Literally you got angry cause you died, when you try get out of the situation by going to the hospital with the medic we seized your weapons per S.O.Ps then you got butt hurt over that and screamed for name, rank & badge number because you thought by going hospital you'd get away with it, followed you to hospital waited for over 20 minutes transporting and medical roleplay in which you got upset it was taking so long and then you got transported to DOC and arrested. YOU explain how this is RDM from my standpoint. Please and Thank You.
  11. Jack Black

    Cornelius Belarius - Discharge Request

    Processed by OOHR - 30/11/2019
  12. Jack Black

    Name Change Request

    In-Game Name: Jack Black Steam 64 ID: N/A What is your issue in relation to the Server/TeamSpeak (Describe it in as much detail as you can): Forum - Name Change Jack White to Jack Black Do you have any photos/videos of this: N/A
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