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  1. Jordan Goulding

    Cops impounding vehicles

    Those aren't Sheriff SOPs you Pepega
  2. Jordan Goulding

    Weapons cache

  3. Jordan Goulding

    Cops impounding vehicles

    That accusation is so baseless and petty I won't even lower myself to your level. Good day.
  4. Jordan Goulding

    Cops impounding vehicles

    I do agree that the prices need to be lowered.
  5. Jordan Goulding

    Civilian Council

    Or maybe it'd get disliked by cops who dislike the trash ICAC was, power hungry little grunts running around thinking they're hot shit. Not to mention the ICAC members who were leaking cases to involved parties. The current Senate system is much better suited to give an impartial opinion on disputes while following their limitations and being friendly to all parties.
  6. Jordan Goulding

    Cops impounding vehicles

    How I found the vehicle, parked outside the lines. Parked incorrectly. Maybe someone else hit it out of the space? But from when I seen it, it was not correctly parked so I impounded it.
  7. Jordan Goulding

    Cops impounding vehicles

    If you have an issue with the way SMT and development run their police faction I'm sure they'd be very happy to hear your concerns in teamspeak. Again, I'm not above them so you can go speak to Dillon or Gallo yourself if you have an issue with the way they conduct their division of law enforcement
  8. Jordan Goulding

    DOC ATM blows up consistently

  9. Jordan Goulding

    Cops impounding vehicles

    You'd have to speak to Sheriff Command for access. I'm not at liberty to give them out unless they approve.
  10. Jordan Goulding

    Cops impounding vehicles

    Good thing Sheriff don't follow Patrol SOP's and follow Sheriff SOP's then. You'd want to read their separate SOP document regarding the activities of Sheriff's personnel.
  11. Jordan Goulding

    Cops impounding vehicles

    The car you're speaking about was parked incorrectly, half out of the white lines which is why it was impounded. Maybe instead of moaning about your incorrectly parked vehicle being impounded you could spend the extra 5 seconds to park it between the lines so it doesn't get impounded.
  12. Jordan Goulding

    remove TFR numbers

  13. Jordan Goulding

    Add Freight Markets To Every Major City / Let Them Give Player Xp

    +1, as long as the payout isn't so high to the point we have 135 trucks driving around
  14. Jordan Goulding

    a rebel state island

    First Point: I'm fine with it, the island, KOS rules and uranium. Second Point: Big -1, we do not need a military faction. If we swapped out Military for SWAT being able to attend the island that'd be fine. Third Point: I'd be fine to give the base a try if as I said in point 2, SWAT had the equipment to match the Terrorist faction. Fourth Point: I'm fine with most of this, The LT+ permission can get fucked. Again, military is not needed, SWAT would fall into that role if suggestion got pushed completely.
  15. Jordan Goulding

    Change map to takistan

    All jokes aside Psisyn Malden, the first iteration,had Ifrits purchasable for Rebel at a high price and a Hunter for PD. I'm completely fine with pushing these with the same stipulations as then, which meant when cops get a strider it got bar-gated and destroyed
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