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  1. Jordan Goulding

    Goulding report

    Hello Good Sir, So I would like to take this moment to make my defence. I will first address the screenshot, evidence piece 2. I had assumed you were under the impression I had in fact exploited to draw my gun or the speed I exited my helicopter so my response was quick and addressed that should you wish to go to support that I had not in bad faith, attempted to exploit to gain an advantage in this situation. I put "waste your time" as I was 100% certain I had NOT broken any rules during this roleplay casino scenario. Now to the video, evidence piece 1. Firstly, yes my ASQ should be revoked xd But secondly the reasoning behind my gun instantly appearing in my hands when I disembarked from the helicopter is due to the animation of leaving the pilot seat of the aircraft. I did NOT attempt to draw my gun instantly upon taking my behind off the pilot seat, nor could I due to how the animation of disembarking from the pilot seat works at present. I shall present my POV body cam footage in my next response, give me a moment to process and attach said video.
  2. Jordan Goulding

    Tasing people with their hands up - Bug

    @Doug Jumper
  3. Jordan Goulding

    Being Restrained - Bug Report

    @Doug Jumper
  4. Jordan Goulding

    DOC FTO Plate Carrier

  5. Jordan Goulding

    New Rule Suggestion

  6. Jordan Goulding

    A Cargo Helicopter

    I'm fine with this as long as KSP get the Huron/a similar helicopter for our Combat Wings qualified pilots +1
  7. Jordan Goulding


    This. +1
  8. Jordan Goulding

    blacked out windows

  9. Jordan Goulding

    Load Outs

  10. Jordan Goulding

    Rework the Skills/XP system?

  11. Jordan Goulding

    Decamp timer

  12. Jordan Goulding

    AWM mags

  13. Jordan Goulding

    Jail Break rule Suggestion

  14. Jordan Goulding

    Rule Suggestion.

    -1 on every point. If you had read the server rules correctly you'd be aware what you could and couldn't do in regards corruption, both as a member of Internal Affairs & at the DOC facility. You chose to be corrupt, not get forced into it with a loaded gun to your head. The rules are completely fine and the punishment should stick as it was in line with server rules.
  15. Jordan Goulding

    Add back Art Gallery + Jewelry Store Major

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