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  1. PsiSyn

    Official ANZUSGaming Streamer Application

    RP Name: Lucio PaniniForum Profile Link: https://www.anzus.life/profile/2753-psisyn/Steam 64 ID: 76561198009978959Steam Account Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/psisynTwitch Profile Link: http://twitch.tv/PsiSyn I am not a known rulebreaker.
  2. Looks awesome Doug, keep up the great work bro
  3. PsiSyn

    One Issue - One Solution

    The Issue: I got banned because of Austin My Solution: Unban me
  4. PsiSyn

    Kings County Governor Election

    Roleplay name: Lucio PaniniSteam64id: 76561198009978959Roleplay backstory/presidential backstory: (Write why you should be president and where you're from etc in RP): My name is Lucio, am from Newcastle mate and if you vote me, I'll make sure the taxes are well low pet, and that everyone gets a free chip butty. In a bit lads.
  5. 420 bc you love weed man nvm, some did 420, I do 1420.
  6. PsiSyn

    Kamdan Life 2.0.8 Changelog

    No nitro
  7. PsiSyn

    Kamdan Life 2.0.8 Changelog

    Epic gamer moment.
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