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  1. PsiSyn

    Lucio Panini

    @ 22h34m10s Air 1 calls out that they're taking shots. Just a misscall.
  2. PsiSyn

    Report of a combat logger

    The situation was active BECAUSE of a bug though.
  3. PsiSyn

    Report of a combat logger

    Hello sirs, I was the man along with Austin in this intense jail break. As stated above, this man's jail timer just ran out. The only reason the man did not teleport is becuase of the DOC leaving the man in a vehicular device, stopping him from commiting his Harry Potter teleport spell to the bus stop in Kamdan. This man alt f4'd due to the incompetency of the DOC staff. Much Love, Lucio
  4. PsiSyn

    Lucio Panini Player Report

    What difference does it make? I get money spawned in anyway.
  5. PsiSyn

    Lucio Panini - DPI glitch

    Hello I can compensate for this, I am sorry.
  6. PsiSyn

    Reporting Lucio Panini

    I died as cop sir.
  7. PsiSyn

    Reporting Lucio Panini

    Hello sir, can an admin confirm if shift+ging in combat is legal or not? Thanks!
  8. PsiSyn

    The goods and the bads

  9. PsiSyn

    Austin Bean - Player report

    Hey, I was standing right beside the people during the incident, it happened during my stream, but I'm not sure when. You can hear the man egging Austin on even in the 2s clip, asking him to kill him. Time waste report.
  10. PsiSyn

    Player Report - Lucio Angelini

    7.3 – As a Law Enforcement Officer you must value the lives of all innocent civilians, if your actions will result in a civilian death you should take steps to avoid this. If Police need to use lethal force to protect a civilian it will not be classed as RDM. Alas, you were directly threatening an LEO after robbing a bank, it was his life or yours, are you really telling me you would have just stood there and looked at the cops with your class 3 out?
  11. PsiSyn

    Player Report - Lucio Angelini

    Here is my PoV: As I pulled up I attempted to initiate, I see a gang member with his class 3 out and I'm assuming about to shoot the cop, since this was directly after a bank robbery, what was about to happen was pretty obvious, to save the officer's life I shot all gang members. It was pretty obvious the plan was to hold up in the art gallery and take 10 times more lives than you took in reality, I had to stop this situation before it became anything bigger.
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