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  1. Sly Cooper

    LOA request richard head

    Name: Richard Head Rank: corpral Badge Number: 307 Department: patrol Start Date: 03/02/2020 End Date: 05/02/2020 Reason: visiting family, away from PC
  2. Sly Cooper

    firearm training - lucifer abaddon

    Trainee Name: lucifer abaddon Badge Number: CDT Current Rank: Cadet Trainer Name: Richard Head Training Taken: firearm training Training Outcome: pass
  3. Sly Cooper

    driver training - lucifer abaddon

    Trainee Name: lucifer abaddon Badge Number: CDT Current Rank: Cadet Trainer Name: Richard Head Training Taken: driver training Training Outcome: pass
  4. Sly Cooper

    Transfer Request - Richard Head

    In-game name: Richard Head Rank: Senior trooper Badge Number: 307 Current Department: DOC Desired Department: Patrol Reason: i've been in DOC for a fair bit of time and would like to expand my ability to help civilians. I feel i have helped greatly with assisting with majors when asked to tag along and have a perfect record of not allowing any escapes during my time as a DOC officer. I feel my talents though are can be more utalized out in the field. I have no points on server side of in the KSP and feel that my ability to drive, and deal with hostile suspect and prisoners that i learned from my time in DOC dealing with less than cooperative inmates. Signature: Richard Head
  5. Sly Cooper


    Name: Sly Cooper Steam64ID: 76561198121753567 Date of Incident: 10-22-2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): 12;30am claiming: 2.3mil description: was unable to grab any gold or money. enough cops were still online and we won the fed. more video can be given upon request if needed but i think this should be enough.
  6. Sly Cooper

    sly cooper comp request 1

    we will take what we can get i guess.
  7. Sly Cooper

    sly cooper comp request 1

    Name: Sly Cooper Steam64ID: Date of Incident: 08-30-2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): 1am Amount your claiming: 1.2mil Description of situation: server crashed during bank Evidence:
  8. Sly Cooper

    Sly cooper KSP application

    Name: Sly Cooper Age/Timezone(NA/EU/AS/AU): NA Date of Birth: 08-31-1997 Steam 64 ID: 76561198121753567 NOTE: You will require 2 references from Corporal+ for your application to be processed Reference 1: jackson reed +1 Reference 2: Fredo fantana How did you acquire these references? i aquired these referennces from past islands fighting alongside them. to defend the state Why would you like to join the Kamdan State Police? (100 words minimum): I would like to join the KSP to help defend the civilians and stop criminal activiites from taking place using my combat experience across islands to help the KSP perform tacticfully and calmly under pressure. I would like to patrol and assist the police department with anything they may need. I want to help the kamaden state police department stop major crimes, assist in drug busts, and search and seizure of illegal weapons and goods. I want to help with training as i've seen a few police officers who could i feel use my experience in tactics specifically in finding and flushing out external snipers during major crimes. What are your previous experiences with being an LEO? (If any): i've been up to sergant on silverlake. and up to captain on Altis life RGN What makes a good Officer in your opinion? (100 words minimum): A good officer is a man of his word, he doesn't turn back on it. A good officer upholds the law and keeps everyone to the standard he keeps himself. A good officer knows when and when not to use lethal force and when his life is truly in danger. A good officer values the life of other officer's. A good office tries to resolve situations peacefully if possible and uses violence as a last resort. A good officer defends the citizens from those who would do them harm. A good officer promotes people to do good things through his actions and words. A good officer uses his experience to assist other officers. Anything that you would like to add?: I have heavy experience piloting helicopters and sniping from them.
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