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Bob Owens

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  1. Bob Owens

    Infantryman Application - Bob Owens

    General Information: Name: Bob Owens Age: 20 Date of Birth: 3/08/2000 Timezone: Central (CST) Applicant Questions: Do you have any prior experience in Milsim?: Yes I was part of 21strealism and still am. What is your desired squad role, if any (AT, Grenadier, Rifleman, etc): Rifleman Why do you want to join the Infantry? [35 Word Minimum]: I want to join infantry because it is something I have experience in and like doing it. I am good at doing it and want to learn more and help other people in infantry. I suck at flying helis and planes so this is what I can do good. Have you applied for any other roles?: No How long have you been part of ANZUSGaming and have you ever been banned?: Almost 2 years and no Anything else you'd like to add?: No
  2. Bob Owens


    Team name: ZzzzzTeam member 1: Bob Owens - 76561198121969183Team member 2: Jafari Kaieed - 76561198310021758
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