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  1. Hank E. Hill

    i dont want play Again:(

    Join the Harvey gang
  2. Hank E. Hill

    Frank E. Hill. - Player Report

    You Spelled My Name Wrong I didn't combat log, my entire windows crashed from excessive ram usage, i believe. I couldnt really do anything about it, pressing cancel would just bring me back to the "Application not responding" menu.... i couldnt see what was happening in game, whether I was being rev'd or not... nothing at all...
  3. Hank E. Hill

    Hank E. Hill - Comp Request

    The server crashed dummy, it crashed at around 12:29pm which is when i recorded the video, then after it came back up at 12:48pm Doug said to ignore the upcoming restart that was going to happen at 1pm, my situation happened *during the crash* NOT when the server restarted
  4. Hank E. Hill

    What is the fastest car in the game?

    Aston Martin rapid, (goes over 200 on grass)
  5. Hank E. Hill

    Hank E. Hill - Comp Request

    Video is 2 min long, idk why it says 7 but there's nothing after the 2 min mark, fyi*
  6. Hank E. Hill

    Hank E. Hill - Comp Request

    Name: Hank E. Hill Steam64ID: 76561198190831957 Date of Incident: July 30th 2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): 12:29pm EST 9:29am PST Amount your claiming: however much a 600 trunk space full of uranium is (number of uranium can be seen in evidence) Description of situation: I did a truck full of uranium as seen in the video, server crashes as i was about to finish the run Evidence:
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