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Timothy Green

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Timothy Green last won the day on December 27 2019

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  1. Timothy Green

    Matthew Hastings

    Personal Information: Name: Timothy Red Occupation (LDSO, LDRS, Coast Guard, Civilian): LDSO Member Information: Name, Rank of the LDRS member: Matthew Hastings, Some other EMS (Couldn't get his name) Reason: Worked quickly and Multitasking really well, He was amazing throughout the whole situation and knew what he was doing and guiding the other EMS personal though the situation. RP 10/10 Start: 3:33 End: 21:00 Video: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1141878592
  2. Timothy Green

    Purge or Takistan? Community Discussion/Vote

    Never played taking so it would be fun to try so +1 taki
  3. Timothy Green

    State of Alaska v. Timothy Green

    I can work with that.
  4. Timothy Green

    State of Alaska v. Timothy Green

    @Brady Warhorse Ill be representing myself since I don't wanna take much of your time
  5. Timothy Green

    State of Alaska v. Timothy Green

    @Tao Brightwater Are you available?
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