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  1. Ambience

    GMC Van Not Moving - Bug Report

    if this is still an issue go to the gas station, buy a gas can and fill your van up when you pull it out of the garage
  2. Ambience

    Tasing people with their hands up - Bug

    can you stop shit posting everywhere
  3. Ambience


    Comment the name of your box truck that you brought
  4. Group Name: Republic of Uganda Category (Gang or Company): Company Group's Founder (You can only have one founder): Yoweri Museveni Group's members: President Yoweri Museveni , Pastor Dr Martin Ssempa , Uvwu Vwevwe, Ruhaka Kaka, and others tbc Roleplay backstory of the group: The Republic of Uganda gained independence from the British Empire in the 60's and has ever since been the jewel of Africa, the beautiful lake victoria provides a picturesque landscape for the capital of Kampala to cherish. Uganda has been subject to major criticism by the united nations and the global community for its treatment of minority communities such as homosexuals however with a new found view on the world, uganda would like to partake in world diplomacy on a level unlike any other african nation so that alliances can give uganda a level of stability that it has not been able to achieve since it's colonial days. Uganda wishes to proceed in its establishment of international diplomacy by gaining embassy's in great nations such as the United States. Due to its colonial history after being part of Australia for so long, Kamdan seems like a very appropriate location to establish the Ugandan Embassy. Uganda has promised to contribute to the local economy of Kamdan in return for their hospitality. What we can expect to see from you on Kamdan: Uganda promises to establish itself in the communities of Kamdan, providing investments into local agriculture and other benefits such as private security and ugandan's state owned trucking industry for freight transportation. All Uganda expects in return is the hospitality from the US Government and the Kamdan State Government allowing an embassy to be established. Uganda is committed to gaining an international relationship with the United States of America and the State Government of Kamdan through friendship and mutual earnings.
  5. Ambience

    Barry Saints - Player Report

    1.11 - Any rebel/civilian seen inside DOC grounds with a firearm is KOS.
  6. Ambience

    The Police Number

    milsim > suggestions
  7. Ambience

    Make the black screen (Teamspeak) blink

    I discussed this with doug jumper, and this has been approved, it will be in soon
  8. Ambience

    ANZUS Meme Competition [Big Prize Pool]

    Biggest meme this year.
  9. Ambience

    Remove panic buttons from the DOC shop

    > events > suggestions
  10. Ambience

    Weapon Cache | Cops

    yes thank you for this milsim suggestion we will keep it in mind
  11. Ambience

    Remove the Hydrant at DOC

  12. Ambience

    Multiple Players on the same account

    I doubt they would have a problem with you doing this
  13. Ambience

    Multiple Players on the same account

    Do you live together and use the same computer?
  14. Ambience

    Remove the Hydrant at DOC

    I have mistaken that hydrant for a prisoner numerous times, it is also completely ruining my immersion, please send it back to where it came from!
  15. Ambience

    Cop Volunteer for EMS.

    On the PsiSyn server we managed to maintain upto 200 EMS personnel without having EMS available to Volunteer as Police
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