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  1. Factory reset was intended to do this but ended up not working, I'm still working on this
  2. Thanks to Doug Jumpah, Consella Redd, Casey Gallo, and Callum Martinez for their work on this update. Modpack Update Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dlGhVtnKQ7ZacyGU38igd18673lGtWGM/view?usp=sharing Google Drive Full: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cwWQlX6VtExfWTYA8myEX-MQ2YoxIra1/view?usp=sharing Arma 3 Sync: Size: 1GB Vehicle Customisation Remake (King's Customs) Complete remake of the customisation menu to make it more functional and hopefully less ugly, Added horn customisation so you can now add custom horns to your vehicle, Added rim customisation so you can now recolour your rims, Fixed license plate customisation persistence. Road Names & Road Name Display Most of the main roads have been named and added to the new road database, The road you are on is displayed just below the compass at the top of the screen. Phone Calling Changes Added a sound for when you are receiving a phone call, You will now only get put on the phone frequency if they answer, Increase the cooldown on making a phone call Trucker Job at the job centre with trucking missions that takes you across the map. Lost Technology Sold by the Mafia or Cartel at the Mob Tech Fence, Tech parts can be found randomly doing actions, very low chance of getting one, If you are not mafia and cartel and you find one, you will have to reach out to a gang member and sell it through them. Niko's Assassination Mission AI will spawn on the map and walk to a random location If you get too close he will go into hiding so you need to snipe him New cars Honda accord Peterbuilt trucks Audi R8 Huaydra Roadster Police camaro Tiger beercat Added Cartel & Mafia to the civilian phone book Wanted individuals who do not use offshore bank cards (available at illegal trader) now have a chance to be to be found by police when using an ATM. Optimizations for the job system Added many new glasses to the civilian clothing store and removed crop duster inventory Made coral KOS zone larger Added air shop to the small regional airport Added an interior to the safehouse New level 3 security car added Removed the notification for civilians when a gas station is being robbed Fixed the money bonus for having anzus.life in your username Police lights fixed on Camry, Explorer, Camaro, SRT and more (please report bug-reports if you find a broken car)m Gang uniform changes The lads vest added Zulu uniform added Ruthless uniform added TSA uniform added NWO uniform added Several new cars for EMS and EMS uniform changes Ford Raptor skins added for police
  3. George

    One Issue - One Solution

    the issue: too many bald men my solution: remove jordan balding
  4. Modpack Update Link: Google drive mods to update: https://drive.google.com/file/d/115XCSW-387dwqwjdOSwE4dArpxnKTZfW/view?usp=sharing Google drive full: Currently uploading Arma 3 Sync: Size: 600MB Added Fire Department Chemical Leak events Work in progress, however currently completely functional Requires SCBA, Mask and CBRN clothing Anyone nearby not wearing protective equipment will die a slow and painful death, regardless of faction. Requires 4 medics online before it spawns, will be lowered if 4 medics never come online Added a new perk category (Fire Department Perks), currently only contains leak repair speed perk. Contacts List Changes The ordinary contacts list with your added friends has been removed and replaced. All players are now on your contacts list with their job next to their name Boosts player interaction and allows the calling of Taxis and the other new jobs Renamed Contacts app to Phonebook app Fuel Tanker Driver Job Drive a fuel truck when called for for the refueling of aircraft that are in need of fuel such as planes and helicopters. Also may serve as a refuel truck for vehicles that have ran out of fuel Again, with the new phone changes you can now easily call someone based on their occupation. Attorney Job Works only for DOJ whitelisted individuals, come with a base paycheck boost. Callable via the contacts list Laboratory Major Crime Lowest paying major No items required Sell near airport New Island (Berwick) Multiple cool locations including a small place based off Shipment from COD4 Will implement shops and LEO jurisdiction over the next few days Added barrier placement menu for medical personnel Increased minimum cops required for Fort Knox Added a police store to the cross river sheriff's office Added trash cans to the DOC yard You can now lockpick the cells internal of DOC Added a perk for repairing vehicles without a toolkit, very expensive end game perk You can now double click on an item and the quantity amount will auto-input at the bottom in the vehicle trunk. Added IR strobes for law enforcement which are only visible in night vision Added full healing at the DOC medical room if not in combat and no medics online USCG charger fixed New gang uniforms Spartan Infinity Whiskey Death Row Milkmen Los Vatos Locos Family
  5. George

    Bar Complaint

    You are suing for an unlawful seizure of money, your client had fair chance to defend himself during processing, had a lawyer present the entire time and is not required an impartial jury unless a court case is taking place. The quote "Just arrest him why is it taking you so long" holds no relevancy, the processing was taking extensive time and you had no intentions to attempt to gain a plea deal or to further legally defend your client as you had just demanded his release. Therefore I deemed it necessary to get the processing time over and done with before your client ended up in the processing room for a longer duration than his time remanded would have even ended up. Let me quote the Code of Laws: "Police are not required to turn over any evidence until a case is registered by either the police or the defendant. The time required to turn over evidence is then a reasonable time and is subject to the discretion of the Kamdan Supreme Court." No case has been registered since your client was convicted by default, again as per the code of laws. Under no circumstances would I release a suspect who has been arrested for committing a crime in front of 4 law enforcement officers just because his attorney told me to. I suggest you get yourself knowledgeable on the Paradise Shores legal system before continuing to operate as a public defender. My complaint is not being withdrawn. Please do not comment again as you are directly contacting me whilst also attempting to "sue me for criminal charges" Edit: The original court submissions have since been modified by the Plaintiff, I have copies of the original case if required.
  6. George

    Bar Complaint

    We had a form like this during the old Department of Justice, however that form has seemingly vanished so I'll type my complaint to the bar here. I'd like to file an official complaint to the bar association of king's county or any equivalent body that reviews bar certifications and the ability to practice law in King's County. Attorney John Hilton shows no knowledge of the criminal process or the legal system of the State of Paradise Shores and the United States as a whole. The attorney filed a criminal case against a law enforcement officer without any contact or input by the district attorneys office (the prosecutors), showing clear lack of very basic knowledge of the legal process, the attorney then filed the same case against myself in civil court and in his statement of relief has demanded that criminal charges be pressed against myself, which is a clear violation of the civil case process. I have a large amount of respect for the department of justice and the district courts of king's county, having myself served as the district attorney and a prosecutor for several months and having been a large input on the jason steele Department of Justice as a DOJ executive. I feel as though this attorney retaining their role of Public Defender is a clear risk to the citizens of King's County and their right to a fair case and due process. Public Defenders are supposed to have the legal knowledge to be able to assist their client and represent their client so their client has a fair chance during criminal cases. This attorney clearly has zero knowledge of the legal system and is more of a burden on their clients than a helpful supporting role during their criminal case. It's rough when your public defender references the wrong amendment. As well as this the statement of claim and the statement of the parties and pretty much everything else is spelt incorrectly, I understand some people have difficulty spelling due to learning difficulties however lawyers should take steps to have their work spell checked either by colleagues or by automated tools that do that task for you, as it looks unprofessional when a form is covered in spelling errors. This attorney has misguided their client into filing a civil case on the matter of an unlawful arrest due to an apparent violation of the 4th amendment and money was seized, and overall a confusing and misguided civil case has been filed with the courts. Thank you. Edit: The original court submissions have since been modified by the Plaintiff, I have copies of the original case if required.
  7. Thank you to @Callum Martinez for assisting in this update Supreme Store Added Contains several unique clothing available for extra style choices Hunting Store & Hunting License added Removed FN3011 and other hunting rifles from main gun store Hunting License required to possess hunting rifles that are legally available Separated SWAT weapon store from standard weapon store Several changes to the oil rig capture system Map markers when being captured Notification message changes Changes and optimisations with the phone calling system Medical Organ Transport mission Transport Truck/Smuggler Boat equivalent for the FD faction Requires Lockpicks which have been added to the FD stores More changes are coming for medics including future upgrades to this transport system Fixed errors relating to the Carry Weight perks Added accurate jail times to the wanted system based off of the minimum sentence Added the currently made Governor billboard dotted about Dropped Military Ship down to 9 coast guard required USAF Decryption still requires 12 coast guard Live at 5PM Restart MEDIA:
  8. George

    Governor Elections: Campaign Stage

    Because you're CG 🙊
  9. Low grade weed may be very slightly nerfed, but mid-grade weed you grow using chemical techniques is more profitable than low-grade
  10. 3.1 is this weekend and its a banger! Casino major implemented Drill bag and bags required Gold seller moved to DOC island in the SWAMP Casino located in Buffalo Reward is same as Kamdan New medical system When civilians die they have injuries applied to them Medics can heal those injuries with different virtual items If people are fully red they're required to go back with medics (This is 5% of deaths) Lotto changes Now gives you a yes/no option when buying lotto When you win there is a chance you get a large amount of XP M4 modular changes Multiple attachments added for it Several changes to attempt to fix throw bug Schneider Bandanna added Several anticheat changes Jordan Goulding mags added to cop shop Air Balloon price put up
  11. George

    Kings County 3.0.1 Hotfix

    If you've posted a bug report we've seen it, we can only fix so much at a time it's just me and doug on the night shift atm
  12. it doesnt remove cars or do anything to do with selling cars
  13. Hi everyone, this will most likely be the last update before 3.0 hope this can keep you guys entertained until release. There is no set release date but the teaser trailer was released today and the official trailer will be public next week. Please read the new major crime rules - https://www.anzus.life/topic/15979-new-major-crime-rule-trial-must-read/ Arma 3 Sync: Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NVXnGwmskSXM1VWIMsurK4-L2_-Q8QNb/view?usp=sharing 500MB Added gang capturable chop shop Gangs can capture and own the chop shop Chop shop is for falsifying license plate information, more will be possible eventually Chop shop is not accessible without either the active mafia or cartel capturing it Owner gets all false plate sales split between the group Can be captured by opposing group whilst already owned chop shop is not for selling vehicles or removing vehicles from other peoples garages Cartel/Mafia gang will now display on the map Police radar will now show the owner of the vehicle via plate recognition Displays random name if the license plate is falsified GPS Prefixes are now persistent and are not required to be reset Persistent vehicle materials added to Kamdan Customs (Chrome, Matte, Polished and Brushed) Colour palette at Kamdan Customs widely expanded (allows for more colours and brighter whites) Added the entire penal code to the warrant system on cops phones Individuals are now required to be wanted before being arrested Replaced barriers on the phone app with John Doe's models Police can now issue a "Rights Card" to people who don't understand more than 3 times (localisation to come) Added the ever waited cop shop update so we can actually buy bipods Added Pumped tech and Schneider uniform Added Asylum gang vehicle Moved the hotkey to hide the vehicle store overlay to BACKSPACE Added two variants of the Eldorado vehicle Added Doug's Highway Patrol vehicles and uniform Fed and other map fixes All police firearms price increase by 15% All civilian/rebel firearm decrease by 15% Updated weapons shops for SWAT and CRT Removed SAMR from rebel Fixed drones godmode Double XP off New bottle hunter Bridge adjusted (not perfect but its better than what it was) All major crime payouts increased by 20%
  14. jordan goulding has no hair
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