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Shay Healy

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  1. Shay Healy

    Infantry NCO Application Shay Healy

    General Information: Name: Shay Healy Age: 20 Date of Birth: 30/11/99 Timezone: AEST Applicant Questions: What is your past experience with a leadership role, either IRL, in the KCSO/USCG or elsewhere: Extensive leadership in Kamdan life that being Captain of the FTO department, Captain of Patrol, Deputy Captain of Patrol, FTO Lt, Patrol Lt x3 In Australian life on underbelly i reached the rank of General Duties Inspector and some other postings in other community's that i cant really remember Why do you want to become a non-commissioned officer: I believe that i would really enjoy being in a position of leadership in a MILSIM environment with the Life players that i often dont get to play MILSIM with and i also believe that tackling the issues leadership presents is altho difficult extremely rewarding. What skills do you possess that would make you an effective non-commissioned officer: Communication, Creativity, Strong sense of personal responsibility and delegation (effective delegation). How long have you been part of ANZUS, have you ever been banned or warned: 2 + Years (says on the forums 2 years but i feel like its been longer).5 points for a combat log without evidence and a warning for "eating in front of doug" Why should we pick you over others: I believe my experience in past leadership roles plus my keen interest in trying new experiences and finally my general attitude.
  2. Shay Healy

    9000 Member giveaway!

  3. Shay Healy

    Kamdan Life [:)]

    Cop berets arent working (invisible) feelsbadman
  4. Shay Healy

    Kamdan Life [:)]

    thanks x
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