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  1. Luke Shields

    Load Outs

  2. Luke Shields

    KSP Suggestion - Advanced Repelling

    This is a great idea! Such good role play
  3. Luke Shields

    Luke Shields - Player Report

    Name: Luke Shields Name of player you are reporting: @Matt Twix Date of Incident: 20/08/2019 Time of Incident: 17:23 AEST Rule(s) Broken: (copy paste full rule) 1.1 – You must respect every member of the ANZUS Gaming Community and may not engage in racism, homophobia or other hateful behavior Description of Incident: Detained pending arrest a man who was being very toxic by spitting on officers, When I detained him he called me N*GGER under his breath, although very easily to hear, proceeded to claim he never said that and also tried to say he was "Losing connection to the matrix, then less a minute later proceeded to call me a "R*tarded F*ggot" Evidence: Have you already been to support about this incident: Yes but he disconnected when he saw me in support If so what was the result of the support case: NIL
  4. Luke Shields

    The Purge

    I reckon a secluded event is a +1. Like the social experiment purge movie where just one island the purge takes place and whoever wants to join goes to that island, so not all of Kamden is a purge zone then again, thinking about it there’s not much difference between that and a normal red zone
  5. Luke Shields

    Elijah Gralike - DOC Suggestion

    +1 DOC Major Crime would be amazing, an entire heavily armed Response team sits there everyday dealing with some dude who managed to sneak in a Rook.
  6. DENIED: Thanks for applying, Enjoy your day
  7. Luke Shields

    Nick Ice - Compensation Request

    Name: Nick Ice Steam64ID: 76561198133288479 Date of Incident: 30/07/2019 Time of Incident: Around 8:30PM AEST Amount your claiming: 100K each. 200k All up Description of situation: Had 2 AKM 7.62 in my bag and then when I bought new clothes to fit them in since my gang clothes had not enough space they were gone, I didnt notice at first since I assumed that everything fit, but later on in the video you can see me realise my guns are gone Evidence:
  8. Luke Shields

    The Filthy Fraggers (Recruitment Open)

    Damn I got excited
  9. Luke Shields

    The Filthy Fraggers (Recruitment Open)

    Gonna have some mad Déjà Vu up in here soon 😘
  10. Luke Shields

    Gang Ally System

    Massive +1 for this suggestion
  11. Absolute +1 Will add more role play and realism to the server, Gangs should be able to respond and track where their teammate goes down, I really like the ability to windows key and turn off
  12. Luke Shields

    ANZUS Meme Competition [Big Prize Pool]

  13. ACCEPTED You're in a trail phase. Contact Shawn, Joe or Nick Ice for more information
  14. ACCEPTED You're in a trail phase. Contact Shawn, Joe or Nick Ice for more information
  15. APPLICATION DENIED Thanks for applying, Enjoy your day
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