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  1. Duck Atron

    Civ SBLR

    A 4K loadout would get you a pistol at most. Pretty sure most spend around 20k on theirs. Mine is anywhere from 30 to 40, depending on gun
  2. Duck Atron

    Civ SBLR

    Friendly PSA - Sblr is the pretty much the same as 262
  3. Duck Atron

    Duck Atron - LOA Request

    Name:Duck Atron Rank:CPL Badge Number:339 Department:CID Start Date:12/7/19 End Date:12/10/19 , or whenever i can get arma 3 fixed Reason:Arma 3 bugged, not trying to redownload all my mods Signature: Duck Atron
  4. Duck Atron

    [NEWS] Kamdan Daily

    man... those were some really cool moose statistics
  5. Duck Atron


    No clothing is illegal unless it is cop gear. If they try to arrest you for that, and put you in jail or seize it, you can probably try and sue the pd and/or take them to ia
  6. Duck Atron

    Duck Atron - Staff Application

    Personal Details In-game name: Duck Atron Age:14 Steam 64 ID: 76561198292292651 Timezone/Region: PST (NA) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Questionnaire How long have you been apart of the ANZUSGaming community?: I have been with Anzus since around December of 2018/January 2019, so around 11 months Have you ever been banned? (for whatever reason): No, I have never been banned What is your motivation for applying for a support position within ANZUS? (75 words minimum): I would like to become a staff member at ANZUS because it would allow me to help those in the community more by taking support cases, and helping to reduce rule breaks in the process. While I was a staff member on an unturned community, it was a much different experience then I imagine being one here would be, and I would like to experience it here. I feel that becoming a staff member here will allow me to grow as a person, and help others grow as well. What skills can you bring to the team? (50 words minimum):If I were to become a staff member, I would be able to bring my knowledge of the rules, and their common interpretations. I can remain level headed, which can be helpful in support cases to ensure a fair outcome. I am also able to be extremely active, mostly during NA times, but also a bit in AU times. I can also be mature, despite my age. Do you have any experience elsewhere in a position of power over a community?: I was a high up staff member in a popular unturned community before I switched to arma, (can give more details about it if necessary) Note - I understand that I am under the 15 year old age requirement, but I was hoping an exception could be worked out.
  7. Duck Atron

    terrorist attack (Kamdan)

    Sound like Takistan to me.
  8. Duck Atron

    Secret Bottle!?!?!?

    Pretty sure you screenshot it and send it to smt
  9. Duck Atron

    Duck Atron - CID

    I know music is bad.
  10. Duck Atron

    The 1v1 Problem.

    This is in event suggestions btw.
  11. Duck Atron

    Weapon Shop Change(ALL Factions)

    Pretty sure that already exists
  12. Duck Atron

    Weapon Shop Change(ALL Factions)

    What do civs have to lose from this?
  13. Duck Atron

    Weapon Shop Change(ALL Factions)

    +1 except for 762
  14. Duck Atron


    Wrong server
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