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  1. Jake Dingas

    Is Arma better on a SSD

    100% better if you have the space free, load times and everything is just so much better I can never go back to having it on my HDD Note: May not have an effect on your FPS
  2. Jake Dingas


  3. Jake Dingas

    Looking for 5 new official gangs!

    Accepted - Please contact me on Discord to discuss this further. Dingas#8415
  4. We are looking for 5 more official gangs to join the official gang team Requirements 8 or more gang members Available gang roster that is updated weekly All gang members must be active players on the server Must not be trolls Must not be known for cop baiting or robbing new players Must have an active recruiting thread Here What you get Free gang uniform Free gang vest Invitation to official gangs discord Teamspeak channel Teamspeak tag Note: You must make your own gang uniform, we have texture developers who can do it for a fee. Official gangs are required to represent the server in a good way, they must not have a frag mindset and instead of robbing new players they must want to help them and get them started on the server. We don't want people who just go around shooting all day everyday, roleplaying is encouraged and a good standing and reputation on the server is required. How to apply Fill out this template in a reply to this thread
  5. Jake Dingas

    Only 1 of each major per restart suggestion.

    I like the idea, and maybe exclude the Commonwealth Banks making them more viable option as theres a limit of police can respond per if numbers are announced.
  6. Jake Dingas

    Australia #1

  7. Jake Dingas

    Australia #1

    My idea of Canada is Trailer Park Boys
  8. Jake Dingas

    Australia #1

    butthurt nz @Doug Jumper inbound
  9. Jake Dingas

    They can't stop all of us [Server Event] [Millions in prizes]

    Dunno how you plan on running at them backwards like this Would also like to point out my mans in the red circle on some Michael Jackson shit
  10. Jake Dingas

    Rejoin Discord

    We had an issue with a bot and a lot of people were kicked from the Discord server. Sorry for the inconvenience, link to rejoin below. https://discord.gg/w8muCPh
  11. Jake Dingas

    anzus backpack at rebel

    @Chris Dova Thread moved to correct forum and your suggestion has been APPROVED.
  12. Jake Dingas

    Gary Rodgers - Comp Request

    Accepted Hello @Gary Rodgers After reviewing your evidence I will be accepting your compensation request. You will only be receiving half the amount asking for which is 1,150,000 Comped Date 29/09/2019 AEST Sincerely, Jake Dingas, Management
  13. Jake Dingas

    Dustin Hardy

    Accepted Hello @Dustin Hardy, After reviewing your request I will be accepting your compensation request, please next time try and gather some sort of evidence. Comped Date: 24/09/2019 AEST Sincerely, Jake Dingas, Management
  14. Jake Dingas

    Opinion about Call of Duty Modern Warfare

    Cyber Attack is where its at, Domination heaps good for leveling weapons though. Interested to see the rest of the content when it releases, I've really enjoyed playing the Beta.
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