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  1. Jake Dingas

    Looking for 3 more official gangs!

    Accepted, please PM myself on Discord for more information Dingas#8415 Applications are now locked
  2. Hello everyone, hope you're all well and enjoying 3.0! 😄 I am looking for 3 more official gangs, If you are interested in becoming official and meet all the requirements feel free to apply. Requirements 8 or more gang members Available gang roster that is updated weekly as well as actively recruiting new members All gang members must be active players on the server Must not be trolls Must not be known for cop baiting or robbing new players Must have an active recruiting thread Here What you get Free gang uniform Free gang vest Invitation to official gangs discord Teamspeak channel Teamspeak tag Note: You must make your own gang uniform, if you can't we do have texture developers who can do it for a fee. Gang uniforms can not look like SWAT or other official gang uniforms, please update your uniform if you wish it to be added granted you are accepted. Official gangs are required to represent the server in a good way, they must not have a frag mindset and instead of robbing new players they must want to help them and get them started on the server. We don't want people who just go around shooting all day everyday, role playing is encouraged and a good standing and reputation on the server is required. Current official gangs that are being removed Divinity The New Roman Empire How to apply Fill out this template in a reply to this thread
  3. Jake Dingas

    Server Rules

    Rules Updated 13/02/2020 @ 7:10pm AEST Added: Section 2 - Roleplay Rules 2.22 - You may not revive people during a combat situation, you must wait at least 3 minutes after the last shot, or must wait for the winning party to declare Code 4.
  4. Jake Dingas

    Server Rules

    Rules Updated 13/02/2020 @ 2:00pm AEST Added: Section 3 - Initiation Rules 3.10 - You musts give the victim 8 seconds to comply with your demands, unless they have a clear change in behavior such as start running away or reach for their firearm. 3.11 - After 10 minutes of the final shot being fired the initiation is no longer valid and all parties must re-initiate to re-engage in combat.
  5. Jake Dingas

    Lost National Bank Money

    @Braxton Slater To my knowledge robbing over 999,999 will disappear, knowing this now if you post another comp request for this it will be denied. In the future just wait the cooldown and pass the money normally to avoid the risk of it disappearing. The money has been added to your bank.
  6. Jake Dingas

    Santana Venom -Disciplinary Dispute

    Senate Disciplinary Appeal Committee Disciplinary Appeal Case Number: A010 Kamdan Legislature Officer Presiding: Jake Dingas, Jack Fire Santana VENOM APPLICANT and Kamdan State Police RESPONDENT Due to punishment being signed off by State Command, Senate will be taking this case. @Santana Venom After reviewing your case and the severity of similar punishments, your 10 points will be staying and your appeal will be denied.
  7. Jake Dingas

    Twitch Streamer ts tag

    @Ninj Red Done Agreed they need to be able to messaged by support or their command, if they are higher tier streamers they should get the DND tag. Thread Locked
  8. Jake Dingas


    Congratulations your posts now have to be approved by a moderator
  9. Jake Dingas


    Not our problem you don't know when to stop playing mate? Maybe learn to manage your time better. I'm locking this thread before you dig your hole any deeper.
  10. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QIgVlJRKS1YUrYxotQGDuw0OKAFqJTGUWJJYPc5IKho/ Hello everyone, we will be hosting another auction event with tons of goodies up for purchase! [IMAGES BELOW OF ITEMS UP FOR GRABS] Next Saturday (9th November) 6PM BST, 1PM EST, 4AM AEDT (Sunday), 7AM NZT (Sunday) Double XP is currently live so go grind to save up for the event! MORE INFO WILL BE RELEASED CLOSER TO DATE If you have having trouble joining the server follow the thread below. https://www.anzus.life/topic/14482-required-arma-3-194-downgrade-guide/ If you have any item suggestions for the auction please let me know by posting a comment.
  11. Jake Dingas

    They can't stop all of us [Server Event] [Millions in prizes]

    Dunno how you plan on running at them backwards like this Would also like to point out my mans in the red circle on some Michael Jackson shit
  12. Jake Dingas

    Rejoin Discord

    We had an issue with a bot and a lot of people were kicked from the Discord server. Sorry for the inconvenience, link to rejoin below. https://discord.gg/w8muCPh
  13. Jake Dingas

    anzus backpack at rebel

    @Chris Dova Thread moved to correct forum and your suggestion has been APPROVED.
  14. Jake Dingas

    Gary Rodgers - Comp Request

    Accepted Hello @Gary Rodgers After reviewing your evidence I will be accepting your compensation request. You will only be receiving half the amount asking for which is 1,150,000 Comped Date 29/09/2019 AEST Sincerely, Jake Dingas, Management
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