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  1. Looks good. Love to see all these changes being made!
  2. Drizzy

    Kamdan Life 2.7.1 [3 Tech Labs, Tech lab buff]

    do you mean is it still on Legacy build 1.94? To answer your questions, yes the server is still on the Legacy build until Bohemia fixes up. Could take longer than expected. This is what doug said:
  3. Drizzy

    The Purge

    It says that there already.
  4. Drizzy

    The Purge

    how is that to do with the Purge lol?
  5. Drizzy

    The Purge

    How comes?
  6. Drizzy

    The Purge

    Purge would be fun af
  7. Drizzy

    [SERVER EVENT] Kamdan Life Auction V2

    ooh lovely get your purses out
  8. time to grind rubys
  9. Streaming KMD Life: 


  10. Streaming ANZUS Rebel Life:


  11. Streaming ANZUS! Please check it out and follow (Started streaming today!)


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