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  1. Alex Roe

    Alex Roe Ban Appeal

    Your in-game name: Alex Roe Your SteamID64: 76561198172110882 Appeal Type: Ban Dispute (Default) Who banned you: Paul Phantom Why were you banned: Posting an inappropriate video in the PD discord Ban duration: RFC Why should you be unbanned?: The whole situation I understand I am in the wrong and what I did is distasteful and disrespectful and I understand I should not have done it and I again understand completely that I should not at all done what I did. The reason I feel I should be unbanned is I am taking complete responsibility but I did not think I was going to be RFC from the community for it and if I did I would never have posted the video but I just want another chance to make things right. I am ready to apologize completely to anyone if they come to me and say what I did offended them and I am truly sorry for that I did. Again I just want one more chance because anzus gaming is the community I have enjoyed playing from near enough the start and I have no where else to play that I have made relationships like I have in Anzus and I dont think I will be able to anywhere else. I want one more chance on the server and I will not do anything like this again or anything close to as offensive to this again. To wrap up again I understand completely why I was RFCd for this and I understand if this appeal is not accepted but I just hope you understand where I am coming from and understand that I was not in the right state of mind while posting the video. Im not saying this justifies what I did at all but I just hope I get one more shot at making things right. Thanks
  2. Alex Roe

    Minions Recruitment (Custom Uniform/Car) [OPEN]

    In game Name: Alex Roe Hours In ArmA 3: 10,442 Age: 17 Bank Balance: I'm not sure i have not been able to get on and check at the moment i believe over 650 thousand In game level: Again at the moment i am not able to get on and check but its up there How active are you: I am on a trip right now but after the 22nd of this month i will be active for a few hours daily Any earlier bans: Yes i've had a few but recently for points but nothing regarding any of the things listed in the requirements Region and Timezone: USA EST Do you speak fluent English: Yes Of course Steam 64 ID: 76561198172110882 What can you bring to the Minions(50+ Word Minimum): There are many, many things that i bring to the table as far as my skill set goes and i am prepared to list a few of them here in hopes on getting your attention. The first thing that i am hoping will get me in this wonderful gang is my skills in an aircraft, As i stated earlier in this app i have over 10k hours and most of them have been spent in aircraft of all shapes and sizes and if you guys are looking for a pilot well, here i am and i would be glad to fill that role. The next one of my many skills is my skill behind any weapons system, Rifle, Hand gun, anything you name it and i can nail a target with it (Within reason that is). Another one of my skills is my voice, I am an excellent negotiator for hostage sits, Major crimes, Things like that if you need someone to talk for you i'm the guy for that and i can get most what ever we want. The last thing that i can bring to the minions is well, A new friendly face to the group, I get along with a lot of people pretty easily and i think this is a good group for me Why do you want to join the Minions (50+ Word Minimum): Again like the last question there is a plethora of reasons i would like to join this wonderful family and i will list out and explain why i would like to join this great gang. The first reason being the gang i am currently in is pretty inactive and i am looking for something fresh and new for my experience on ANZUS to spice things up a bit. The next reason i would like to join is I am looking for a group to match my skill level and i think this gang is one of the best I've seen making it an excellent pick for me which is why im applying here. The next reason i would like to join is the Dope ass uniforms and car is definitely a plus in my opinion so i would love to see myself in the amazing uniform every day in game. I just want to say an extra thanks for taking the time to look at my application and i hope you liked what you saw and accept my into this amazing gang, Thanks again.
  3. Alex Roe

    Player Report

    I admit I am guilt to the music thing and knocking him out but I was pretty sure someone was talking shit to me and when I tabbed back in and bandaged he was crouching and looking at me so I thought it was him and I apologize about the whole situation.
  4. Alex Roe

    Islam Makachev - Points Appeal

    Is 20 points not the normal points for 2 rdms
  5. Alex Roe

    Islam Makachev - Points Appeal

    Name: Islam Makachev Points you where given: 20 What staff member gave them to you: @Wyrus Why should your points be revoked: (50 Words Minimum): I dont neccesarily think the points I received should be removed as much as I think it would be nice if they were made less. The case was I spawned in my trailer and saw across the bay there was a group of people standing next to the math van and I was not wise to the fact that in order to have kos on them you have to be in the circle. So I took out 2 of them then I took fire from a third one and then I took him down so according to the rules I did rdm 2 people and I know I definitely deserve points for it. I wasent even going to make this but wyrus said its always worth an appeal so im just asking that they are redused as I did not at the time know the rule. I do now know the rule and it will not happen again Evidence to support your appeal: There is no evidence that could support my claim I admit I broke a rule but the administrator said it is worth it to try to get my points reduced. Anything you would like to add:
  6. Alex Roe

    Islam Makachev - Points Appeal

    Name: Islam Makachev Points you where given: 10 What staff member gave them to you: @Mathias Westergaard Why should your points be revoked: (50 Words Minimum): The points should be removed off of my profile because I do not remember a support case with a Mr. Westergaard for one and for two there is no video clip in the point thing so even if I wanted to see why I was being given the points I can not even check it to see if I remembered it. The last reason I should be freed from the burden of these points is because last time I was told if the points are not given with the video clip or evidence they are not valid and are to be removed. Evidence to support your appeal: https://gyazo.com/4e37e3a78d6573d2ef51fbf8f2cd848e Anything you would like to add: I hope the right this is done in this case.
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