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Bailey Jumper

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Bailey Jumper last won the day on November 24 2019

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  1. loving all the work the dev team has been putting into the server! keep it up!
  2. Bailey Jumper

    [EVENT] Faction Wars - Saturday 10PM BST

    excited to see you all there
  3. Bailey Jumper

    Doug Jumper Stream Sponsored Giveaway [Yacht]

    can i enter?
  4. aren't ems meant to stay in hospitals during martial law? i swear thats what it said in the sop's
  5. hands down the best part of the update and no one can convince me otherwise
  6. Bailey Jumper

    10000 members giveaway!

  7. Bailey Jumper

    9000 Member giveaway!

  8. Bailey Jumper

    Kamdan Life 2.0.9 [Vehicle Preview]

    Stop or die
  9. Bailey Jumper

    Kamdan Life [:)]

  10. Bailey Jumper

    Kamdan Life 1.0 [New medical system, Airdrops and more!]

    why would you remove invis backpacks
  11. Bailey Jumper

    What is coming on the US/UK server!

    go to settings to Activate Windows oh and epic gamer style!
  12. Bailey Jumper

    US/UK Kamdan Life Testers needed apply here!

    Name: Bailey How long have you been apart of ANZUS: Since OG Altis Life Do you agree to testing rules: Roger
  13. Bailey Jumper

    The announcement - ANZUSGamings' Future

    there is an ANZUS milsim?
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