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  1. Tom Hiddleston

    Unban appeal

    Moved to perm ban appeals.
  2. Tom Hiddleston

    Lost cars

    Please follow the template and repost your compensation request. Thank you
  3. Tom Hiddleston

    Two Cars Lost After Rolling Back the Server

    Dear Levi, Your clubman is still there, although the alpha romeo has been removed, i will be comping you for that which is a total of $30,000. Thank you.
  4. Tom Hiddleston

    Ronnie Rocket's Compensation Request

    Dear @Ronnie Rocket You will be receiving $200K Compensation for this run. Thank you.
  5. Tom Hiddleston

    Willy Jarvis - Comp Request

    Dear Bartholomew, Due to you being dead, unfortunately i cannot compensate you for the gear you lost as you were not meant to keep it regardless. Thank you
  6. Tom Hiddleston

    Salvestor Slug / Tristen Joules - Comp Request

    Dear Tristen, I see that you're glitching around on the rocks, although that was not the direct cause of your death, so unfortunately i am going to be denying this request. Thank you.
  7. Tom Hiddleston

    This is not fair

    Dear Dimitri, I am willing to comp you $40,000 for the loss of that vehicle as it was partly not your fault. Thank you.
  8. Tom Hiddleston

    Compensation for my Gear + Truck

    Dear James Bonelli, Please follow the following template and repost. Name: Steam64ID: Date of Incident: Time of Incident (LA Time): Amount your claiming: Description of situation: Evidence:
  9. Tom Hiddleston

    What dlcs do I need to play

    You do not need any dlc's to play, all you need is to do the following in that link provided by Bo Fraggerarm. Also remember to change your name on the forums to your in-game name, that being a roleplay name with a First and Last name! Thanks! @Pigking87
  10. Tom Hiddleston

    Christian Capone - Comp Request

    Dear Christian Thomas, I will be compensating $45,000 for this, as i cannot compensate the full amount as there is no evidence of insurance. Thank you!
  11. Tom Hiddleston


    Dear Karim Weezy, Your compensation request has been denied as you did not have any evidence of this. Thank you!
  12. Tom Hiddleston

    Boosie Badazz (Hacker Did This)- Comp Requst

    Dear Boosie Badazz, Compensation request denied as there is no evidence still uploaded. Thank you!
  13. Tom Hiddleston

    Xavier Calermen - Compensation Request

    Dear Xavier Calermen, Your compensation request has been approved. Thank you!
  14. Tom Hiddleston


    Dear John Henry, Compensation request denied as there is no sufficient evidence, Please re-submit it with the evidence. Thank you!
  15. Tom Hiddleston

    Luke Luerger - Comp Request

    Dear Luke Luerger, Request approved, $45,000 compensated. Thank you!
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