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  1. We discussed the matter further in Discord and I am pulling my application
  2. Information Full Name: Paully Smiths Steam64ID: 76561198121024053 Country of Residence & Time zone: Australia (AU time zone.) Is English your first language?: Y Discord Name: John Smith.#2969 however please contact me on Gabiscratch#7713 (my most used account.) Have you been convicted in the last week of any felonies?: N Are you Bar Certified?: Y Are you familiar with the Constitution of California?: Y Are you familiar with the Constitution of the United States, and it's Amendments?: Y Are you familiar with the Rules of Court?: Y Are you familiar with the Rules of Criminal Procedure?: Y Are you familiar with the Rules of Evidence?: Y Are you familiar with the Rules of Practice and Procedure?: Y Character Questions Detail any previous experience in law or judgeship, or any other relevant experience (It is okay if you do not): No Why do you want to join the judiciary?: I have always been fascinated with judgeship and I have always wanted to be one, I have a keen liking to the law and I want to make sure that it is being upheld properly What traits do you possess which make you qualified for a position within the judiciary?: I am Impartial, Work well under stress, patience and wisdom Why can't Max eat his mother? Discuss: (This is a Law discussion/question) While cannibalism technically isn't a crime, The murder (likely premeditated) of the first or second degree 25-15 years, gross disuse of a corpse are serious felonies that could land him in a juvenile correctional facility or if he is of age a maximum security prison/mental hospital. The exam crimes committed are: 187 PC First Degree Murder § 7052 misuse of a corpse: Declaration I (Paully Smiths) declare under penalty that the details provided within this document are of the best of my knowledge, and that the information above is true and correct.
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