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  1. @Jack Specter@Ren Rika We will be convening at the court house for this appeal.
  2. Very well we shall conviene to hear this appeal at 8pm EST on monday the 6th of december
  3. How does 8 pm EST on monday the 6th of December do for you @Tahara Akio @Jack Specter
  4. Very well I hear this appeal when are we all able to convene @Tahara Akio @Jack Specter
  5. Paulb

    Jack Raven USCG Application

    Approved Hello, @RAVEN, your application has been approved, you will now move onto the ASVAB stage, please come into TeamSpeak in the “Waiting for Personnel” channel and contact a guardsman, with Personnel tags, letting them know you are here for your ASVAB. Failure to take ASVAB and the Interview within 72 hours will result in denial. If you are unable to attend your ASVAB or interview, please inform us when you will be next available. Sincerely, [Paul Martinez]
  6. Your name: Paully Smiths Proof you shilled the video:
  7. Paulb

    Tristan Walker USCG APP

    Denied Hello, @Tristan Walker, your application has been denied, for the following reason: Failed ASVAB You may reapply in (14) days Sincerely, Paul Martinez
  8. Paulb

    The People of The State of California v Dustin Avery

    When I said actively producing meth I said that the building (meth lab) was seen actively producing meth. Furthermore, in regards to your client claiming ignorance about the illegality of being inside an active meth lab, even if your client Mr. Avery claims he didn't know that being inside of a meth lab while it is actively producing meth, it doesn't have any baring over the fact that SN. Husky was well within his rights to conduct a pat-down of Mr. Avery as the situation provided SN. Husky with reasonable suspicion and probable cause.
  9. Paulb

    The People of The State of California v Dustin Avery

    according to the ruling in case Brinegar v. United States, 338 U.S. 160 [1949] The Legal definition of probable cause is Facts and circumstances leading to an arrest or seizure must be sufficient to persuade a reasonable person that an illegal act has been or is being committed, your client Mr. Avery was the only person in the building while the meth lab was active you have to be inside the building for it to be cooking meth, considering the defense was the only person inside the building any reasonable person would then be convinced that he committed the crime of cooking meth. Therefore, giving SN. Husky probable cause to conduct a search a seizure under the 4th amendment. Furthermore, you client not knowing that what he was doing was a crime is irreverent under the legal principle Ignorantia juris non excusat, meaning Ignorance of law excuses no one.
  10. Paulb

    The People of The State of California v Dustin Avery

    Your Honor, @Tom Najail Regarding the motion to dismiss filed by the defense, The 4th amendment rights they claim were violated were not violated as the arresting officer, SN. Loxxon Husky, under the 4th amendment performed a brief pat-down of the defendant, @Dustin Avery, these rights were extended to SN. Husky through reasonable suspicion. The evidence shows that Mr. Avery was the only seen in an illegal area, the Meth Lab which was seen actively producing meth, therefore, SN. Husky had been granted reasonable suspicion to pat-down of Mr. Avery, drugs were then found on Mr. Avery which were sufficient of the crime(s): Minor Class 1 Controlled Substance Possession and Minor Class 2 Controlled Substance Possession. This provided SN. Husky with probable cause to arrest Mr. Avery. ~~ EDITING ~~
  11. Paulb

    The People of The State of California v Dustin Avery

    Your Honor, @Tom Najail @Paulb (Paul Martinez) for the prosecution, with @Kieran Smith as co-council.
  12. Paulb

    Adam Targaryen - Reenlistment Application

    Denied Hello, @Adam Targaryen your application has been denied, for the following reason: You were never a Seaman Within Coast Guard you were only a seaman recruit you may re apply the normal way if you wish. Sincerely, Paul Martinez
  13. We discussed the matter further in Discord and I am pulling my application
  14. Information Full Name: Paully Smiths Steam64ID: 76561198121024053 Country of Residence & Time zone: Australia (AU time zone.) Is English your first language?: Y Discord Name: John Smith.#2969 however please contact me on Gabiscratch#7713 (my most used account.) Have you been convicted in the last week of any felonies?: N Are you Bar Certified?: Y Are you familiar with the Constitution of California?: Y Are you familiar with the Constitution of the United States, and it's Amendments?: Y Are you familiar with the Rules of Court?: Y Are you familiar with the Rules of Criminal Procedure?: Y Are you familiar with the Rules of Evidence?: Y Are you familiar with the Rules of Practice and Procedure?: Y Character Questions Detail any previous experience in law or judgeship, or any other relevant experience (It is okay if you do not): No Why do you want to join the judiciary?: I have always been fascinated with judgeship and I have always wanted to be one, I have a keen liking to the law and I want to make sure that it is being upheld properly What traits do you possess which make you qualified for a position within the judiciary?: I am Impartial, Work well under stress, patience and wisdom Why can't Max eat his mother? Discuss: (This is a Law discussion/question) While cannibalism technically isn't a crime, The murder (likely premeditated) of the first or second degree 25-15 years, gross disuse of a corpse are serious felonies that could land him in a juvenile correctional facility or if he is of age a maximum security prison/mental hospital. The exam crimes committed are: 187 PC First Degree Murder § 7052 misuse of a corpse: Declaration I (Paully Smiths) declare under penalty that the details provided within this document are of the best of my knowledge, and that the information above is true and correct.
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