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  1. Rippa

    Jason Fire - KSP Application

    +1 Has really good character and would make a great officer in KSP - Rippa Suarez, CID Captain
  2. Rippa

    Coast guard ( New department for PD)

    -1 you have to take into account the population on water. I have never seen a boat used as helicopters provide the quickest option over water (oil rig, Helens island). This department would work great for maps that have alot of different islands and such but for this one the water traffic is non existant. Plus with PD having access to dive suits and helicopters it would make our response timing a fraction smaller then the coast guards. A military presence isn't needed in kamdan. I do love the idea and thought of something similair with the Tanoa map but using the actual Navy with a carrier for cartel plane interceptions. Sadly tho I dont see it being a possibility on this map
  3. Rippa

    louis cox ksp app

    +1 had a brief talk in PD and ride along about joining the PD. Like Patrick mentioned there are some good traits there. Suggest giving him a shot
  4. Rippa

    [EU]Stefan Labomlu - KSP Application

    +1 can confirm the ride along. He Sounded like he would make a good cadet. No gang affiliations so no corruption. Had a rough time starting on the server but I feel like the police could be a good starter for him. Maybe edit your response to this question haha..What are your previous experiences with being an LEO? (If any): Yes  Also be aware although standing by the decisions you make you must ALWAYS listen and abide by all higher ranking officers demands regardless of your views.
  5. Rippa


  6. Rippa

    William Smith - KSP Application

    +1 when apps open back up. Ride along was great, no mucking around and listened to every command 👌 - Lieutenant Rippa Suarez, CID
  7. Rippa

    KSP Application Cameron Brooks

    +1 can confirm ride along
  8. Rippa

    Nick Krankov KSP Application

    +1 I did a ride along with Tyler and Jordan at the same time. both were good and listened to all instructions
  9. Rippa

    Jordan Brooks - KSP Application

    +1 CAN CONFIRM RIDE ALONG. Has prior knowledge of LEO procedures.
  10. Rippa

    Luck Campbell - KSP Application

    +1 can confirm ride along. good attitude and listened without a hassle
  11. Rippa

    Reaper Little KSP Application

    +1 CAN CONFIRM RIDE ALONG. listened well and great attitude
  12. Rippa

    Frost Kingston - KSP Application

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