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  1. Rippa

    The Purge

    Well I'd suggest an event where you cant void rules for a major. They are strict for a reason. Maybe just purge with majors disabled
  2. Rippa

    The Purge

    -1 This will only work in the favor of high bank players and large gangs. The majority will be left to deal with RDM, VDM and pure grief. Not to mention the major crime exploitation that could occur if 1 big gang decides (meaning most Rebels join the same gang which most of you do sometimes) to do most majors at once. Plus police shouldn't be allowed to just go corrupt for an hr as it's not good RP. I would say instead bring in an airsoft or paintball arena where you can face off without risks Essentially what your asking for is a lazier and careless way of killing someone.
  3. Rippa

    9000 Member giveaway!

  4. Rippa

    Gun Prices Suggested <----- CHANGE THEM PLZ!

    This biggest misconception here is your under the impression the cop force acts like a gang. They are there to help the people. 6.8s can only be held by LT+. Everyone else is using exactly what you can buy
  5. Rippa

    Gun Prices Suggested <----- CHANGE THEM PLZ!

    -1 it is a RPG remember.. not an FPS. Guns are that high so you value the fact you may lose it. Lower the costs and the care factor goes. It will cause havoc if you dont care if you lose it just to go buy another. Cop weapons are cheap purely to keep the force armed and to keep the peace.
  6. Rippa

    The goods and the bads

    BUUUUUT it's an RPG game and not COD. I agree with the police over responding but that should be a ratio issue. Not to supply criminals with better ammo lol. You have options for .300 and 7.62. Use that? Better then 80% of the police force since most cant use more then 5.56
  7. Rippa

    Rippa Suarez - Player/gang report/comp

    @George Cown what's the go with this?
  8. Rippa

    The goods and the bads

    Cops need to have the upper hand. That's how it's always been to keep in control. Law enforcement>criminals
  9. Rippa

    The goods and the bads

    Dont add the chop shop. With the amount of petty robbers and how often people get robbed this will just kill the population. Say what you will but I've been around long enough to see the server with and without chop shop and it was cancerous with it. We need more RP and the chopshop will just make it more of a rob fest
  10. Rippa

    The goods and the bads

    Bring back the cop to civ ratio at small majors. No one does the commonwealths anymore since fighting past 20 cops isnt worth $500k. Make it 300-500k but only 1:2 ratio or 2 more cops then the criminals. Not that I play civ anyway. But the old method made it seem more tactical and organized.
  11. Rippa

    stop people from camping processors and trader

    +1 except only for legal runs. Illegal runs should come with the risk. But the influx of gangs and how they dont RP and just rob everyone on sight I can understand where your coming from
  12. Rippa

    Rippa Suarez - Player/gang report/comp

    I would also like to point out that devils henchman haven't followed the rules throughout my past run ins. From NLR, combat revving, combat logging (check yesterday 6:30-8pm AEST and i guarantee you will see them all log after dying at weapons cache.
  13. Rippa

    Rippa Suarez - Player/gang report/comp

    4.10 – It is your responsibility to ensure you are yelling and that the person you are initiating can hear you.
  14. Rippa

    DOC lockdown

    Suggestion: have a manual lockdown button in DOC that sets an alarm off (purge siren) and locks down DOC. Have the bollards at the front gates like the old prison that raise when in lockdown or even raise the bridges that surround the new DOC. More of an ambiance thing really when there are threats outside the gates. Would sound and look really cool. Also provide a moral boost for the correction team. Make it only SGT+ can activate
  15. Name: Rippa Suarez, Eli Tyra, Matthew Awbrey, Matt McDaniel, James Roko ad Drake Hill. I'm reporting this on behalf of everyone as it would be pointless having 5 separate reports of the same thing. Name of player you are reporting: James Cairns and all devils henchmen involved Date of Incident: 09/07/2019 Time of Incident (AEST Time): 5:10PM Rule(s) Broken: Mass RDM Description of Incident: 5+ police units responded to gas station. Devils henchman were hidden all over. Guy with hostage doesn't say a word, he just turns to Eli and shoots point blank which in turn his whole gang shoots. No initiation. every single officer bled out so over 400k of lost gear/cars. Evidence: Rippa Suarez POV Eli Tyra POV Matthew Awbrey POV
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