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Lewis Castiglione

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  1. Lewis Castiglione

    Runs (slow farming)

    -1 Earning money fast would be a crap decision because it means people will make money to fast and that = people get bored because they can do everything and not take there time
  2. Lewis Castiglione

    Jack Dungs - PD Application

    +1 i guess but idk
  3. Lewis Castiglione

    Dyna - KSP App

    + over 9000 Makes my Application look like a joke. Great Work :)
  4. Lewis Castiglione

    Lewis McFly's Kamdan State Police Application

    Application In order to apply for the Kamdan State Police you will need to copy the contents of this thread Name: Lewis Mcfly Age: 17 years of age Command References (Must have 2 commanding members of the KSP reference you. You can gain a reference via RP interactions in game): Reference 1: Reference 2: Why would you like to join the Kamdan State Police? (100 words minimum): I would like to join the department because I feel like there's an open position in this dpartment that I would like to try to take place of I also feel like I'm a very trustworthy and reliable police officer when it comes to being on the battlefield and being on patrol there's one main skill that I'm very good at and it's maintaining role play with the player roleplay is key in my opinion I feel like roleplay is what makes the Kamdan State police Very enjoyable and unique. I'm you can get that communication through with the player that nobody else can get through sometimes and I feel like I'm very good at getting that through and making them feel like they're actually meant to be where they are at the current moment and they are being held in custody but I'm still making them feel good about themselves when they are being held inside custody. I also have many strengths and weaknesses I feel like my strengths are being stealthy and coming up with plans and most people wouldn't expect what I can do when I'm stealthy I also have that roleplay that I was talking about the role play communication which I feel like is a good strength my only weakness might be driving. What are your previous experiences with being an LEO? (If any): My past experiences as a law enforcement officer is my home town of Altis before I moved to Kamdan I was a well-respected Inspector and in charge of the Detective Division were i had led several brave officers to the top of there careers, i also served a brief amount of time in America as a State Trooper. What makes a good Officer in your opinion? (100 words minimum): I believe a good officer is made up of several things one being the ability to Lead 2. the Ability to understand 3. The ability to show forgiveness, In My Eyes and the eyes of the others i have served under and with this is the person who I am. Policing has a very special place in me that is very personal and for that reason, I won't discuss but I believe that role-play between an officer and a civilian can be very engaging as I would prefer to roleplay with someone for 1-hour rather than kill them in two minutes. So in my opinion, if you can be understanding and forgiving to others around you and willing to help out and follow the protocls during times of need that's is what makes a good officer. Anything that you would like to add?: I Realise that I don't have my references but since your moving servers it makes it really hard for you guys to get people who are gonna be up at those times but if you see my resume you can notice that i am a well respected Officer of the law. On another note, I am a very active and always looking to Perfect every action I do. I would also like to thank Everyone who has taken there time to read my Kamdan state police application Thank you.
  5. Lewis Castiglione

    US/UK Kamdan Life Testers needed apply here!

    Name: Lewis Mcfly AKA Lewis Castiglione AKA Lewis the Exploiter How long have you been apart of ANZUS: 1 month Do you agree to testing rules: Yes Of Course, I wanna test out to see if any exploits are in the game so we dont have people ruining it for everyone
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