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  1. Josh Mezza

    Josh Mezza report

    I still believe I have done nothing wrong as the rule he accused me of breaking states “You may return to the RP situation once the combat situation has concluded”. The combat had concluded hence why a medic had revived us. Therefore I got back involved as it was a red zone I had full rights to kill you. It also states “you may not return to the same combat situation” which I also didn’t do as one side of the combat was all dead so that situation had ended. This disproves both parts of the rule which you have accused me of.
  2. Josh Mezza

    Josh Mezza report

    I was revived and then 30 seconds later his gang and the play boys continued to shoot at me and my gang. So I returned fire.
  3. Josh Mezza

    Josh Mezza report

    Really don’t understand where this shows I broke a rule to be honest. What it does show is you shooting from in the red zone out to us which isn’t allowed. We was separately initiated on the play boys that’s why we could shoot them. You can’t park in the red zone and shoot out to us.
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