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  1. Paul Phantom

    Player Report

    I give permission for the clip of my stream to be used in this player report, please deal with this report as normal. -Thanks
  2. Paul Phantom

    Cop Shooting through the floor

    In regards to this situation, my POV is here: https://clips.twitch.tv/BashfulMiniatureMangoFUNgineer In the clip above, Micheal can be seen as a part of his body clipping through the floor, which has been seen multiple times in this VOD. Therefore, when I see his body I shoot it. Shortly after this clip, https://www.twitch.tv/paul_phantom/clip/HealthyTentativeKleeWow you can hear/see Micheal call me a rude word. I ask him not to do that ask I am streaming and I personally don't tolerate abuse towards myself. I ask Micheal to stop however he proceeds to call me the same word again. In this clip: https://clips.twitch.tv/RelievedUglyPepperRitzMitz I grab his ID, which can be shown as Micheal and this is the last time Micheal moves as his game crashes/ he pulls his plug as after this I cannot grab his ID any more. https://clips.twitch.tv/CrackySneakyCatDansGame In this clip: https://clips.twitch.tv/HappyNimblePeppermintFeelsBadMan you can see that Michael has evaded being arrested whether that be his game crashing/him closing his game I don't actually know. However he did effectively evade arrest and didn't come back to the situation, you can watch my VOD if you wish. In this video provided, https://youtu.be/mQhsLkgZf80 Micheal on my POV is arguing with me & shooting through the floor, however during HIS video you CANNOT hear him call me that rude word, however in this video, https://youtu.be/2FqAdm6LXs4 you can his recording software pick up his voice properly. It seems that he has either edited his video to remove his voice in the second clip, or for whatever reason his voice isn't recorded.
  3. Paul Phantom


    hello 😏
  4. So, from a Police perspective, the constant Laboratory, the Kamdan Central bank or Casino are EXTREMELY boring when on duty. I have also seen a lack of major crimes such as the military ship being done. What I am suggesting, is that every restart, only 1 major crime of the different majors can be done. [SUGGESTION & REASONING BELOW] For example, only 1 Kamdan Central can be done per restart. This will force the active gangs on the server to do different major crimes each restart. With this, especially for the Commonwealth Banks, multiple of them can be done, however they have gotta be different locations. As a example, if Redwick Commonwealth bank was robbed, then that bank would be locked until restart, however the other Commonwealth banks could be robbed. [IMPORTANT PARAGRAPH BELOW TOWARDS THE SUGGESTION, READ THIS BEFORE +1 or -1] With the server restarting every 6 hours, you could do every single major if each one lasted a hour & a bit NOT including the Commonwealth banks before restart. That would be over 6 hours of majors before restart if you didn't count the Commonwealth banks. Things such as money earned from major crimes and cops needed to do certain major crimes can be changed if this suggestion was to be added. I know this server suggestion may not appeal to the gangs of the server, however as a cop doing the same major crime over and over is quite time extensive and boring. If you wanna -1 this post that is fine, however PLEASE give your reason for doing so. If you would like to +1 this recommendation just give the post a thumbs up, much appreciated. Negative comments and things alike will just be deleted from this post.
  5. Paul Phantom

    Redo Criminal Code

    Thanks for the suggestion, In regards to the Criminal code, Jack Fire (Community Lead/Chief Justice), is able to make changes to the Criminal code. I highly suggest writing down a few changes into a Google Document, stating what it is currently and why you want it changed. You can also add anything that needs to be added. After speaking with Jack the other day regarding this, he is up to adding some more charges to the code if people bring them to him. Here is his discord: Jack Fire#6487 & here is his forum profile if you wish to PM him @Jack Fire, those are the two best ways of contacting Jack regarding Criminal Code.
  6. Paul Phantom

    Comp for server crash

    Denied. You have more then enough money in your bank account to be able to afford a 50k loss. Comp request is denied & will be moved to the denied section.
  7. Paul Phantom

    Server Rules

    Rules updated 26/09/2019 @ 1:22 PM AEST Added: Section 2 - General Server Rules 2.8 When playing as a different life, you MUST have your name completely different. (For example, you can have your name as Zack Green for Cop and Logan Price for Civ. Your name cannot be backwards or back to front) You CANNOT have a few letters different when playing as a different person. Section 3 - Roleplay Rules 3.26 When playing as a different character other then what you mainly play, you CANNOT reference your other character (such as your cousin), as both characters MUST be different and cannot be linked.
  8. Paul Phantom

    Mass Staff recruitment!

    Looking to become apart of the staff team? Well now is the time to apply to become apart of the ANZUS Staff Team. If you are a dedicated and active member of the community, and you wish to become a member of the staff team, apply using the link below. All you need to do is place a application here: https://www.anzus.life/forum/500-staff-applications/ & remember to fill out all questions to the best of your ability. Remember, no prior experience is required to apply for staff & you MUST be 15+ to apply for staff.
  9. Paul Phantom

    Dean Guerrilla - House Comp Request - Under Review

    Moved to Denied. Server has been wiped since this request was posted.
  10. Paul Phantom

    Fox Kincaid - Compensation Request

    Moved to denied. Server has been wiped since this request.
  11. Paul Phantom

    Server Rules

    Rules updated 06/09/2019 @ 10:42 PM AEST Edited: Section 8 – Major Crimes & Negotiation 8.3 – When negotiations are called off all parties are required to wait 10 seconds after verbally calling them off before engaging in any form of combat. 8.4 – Police must have an unarmed negotiator to negotiate, the criminals may not kill, harm or kidnap the negotiator in any way. Changed to: 8.3 – When verbally calling negotiations off all parties are required to wait 10 seconds before engaging in any form of combat. The 10 seconds is void if the hostage is killed 8.3.1 – During negotiations and the 10 second timer police may not land helicopters or breach the building unless the hostage is killed. 8.4 – Criminals may not kill, harm or kidnap the negotiator in any way.
  12. Paul Phantom

    James Snow reporting a admin

    @Thomas Rodgers You will be receiving 15 points for RDM. You have failed to respond to this topic, therefore I am going to issue the points. Player report closed.
  13. Paul Phantom

    George Cown report on Dave Hoffer

    Case resolved. Points issued.
  14. Paul Phantom

    Player Report on Oli Kay and King Oil (COMP)

    Case Resolved.
  15. Paul Phantom

    James Snow reporting a admin

    @Thomas Rodgers PENDING You have been reported for RDM You have broken this rule: 4.1 – Killing without valid initiation / without reason is random deathmatch (RDM) and is against the rules. You have 24 hours to respond with your side of the situation otherwise you will receive points.
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