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  1. Paul Phantom

    Discharge request

    HR, DO NOT process this discharge request as Alex Sharp is currently suspended by myself/Zack Green. State will post any updates on here in regards to his discharge request.
  2. Paul Phantom

    Bill Kapri wants the RFC'd

    If you get RFC'ed you'll miss 3.0 I suggest you just grind the server with some mates or something, play some music and do some runs/major crimes. Getting RFC'ed is NOT worth it.
  3. Paul Phantom

    First Wave Event Screenshots

    https://www.twitch.tv/paul_phantom/clip/ExpensiveSlipperyWhaleWoofer Hehe @Kain McCloud 'Why tf was he using IEDs & why did they lag so much'
  4. Paul Phantom

    Modification to rule 8.9.1

    Thanks for the suggestion Richard Axel We have implemented a 300m metre rule as per your suggestion to the rules. Much appreciated for the suggestion, if you have any other rule suggestions please submit them and they will be reviewed, Cheers.
  5. Paul Phantom

    Server Rules

    Added to the rules: 3.28 - When killing off a character within RP (being a corrupt faction member, then being executed by DOJ) you must wait a mandatory 3 weeks before re-joining the same faction under a new character. IF you are BLACKLISTED from that faction you MUST have your blacklist removed via before being allowed re-entry into the Faction. Edited: 8.9.1 – If you are not involved in the major crime then you are expected to value your life by staying 300m away from the location of the crime at all times. (Added 300m to the rule)
  6. Paul Phantom

    Autobiography of my trip from DOC to the Moon

    Not nearly as good as your video, however here is mine from like 2 months ago.
  7. Paul Phantom

    Point system

    Well in regards to the second case, its good to say unless you say something along the lines of ' so I hit the unholster button with my hands still up, on my screen it looks fine, I take my hands down, pull out pistol and shoot but he kills me anyway' however I have POV to show that I wasn't trying to kill him it just pulled it out on accident. Place one of these: https://www.anzus.life/forum/566-point-appeals/ with your POV included and it'll be looked into whether or not you got your points fairly or not. In regards to your cooked meth issue, there is no way to tell unless you have evidence of it being in your inventory so it can be compensated for.
  8. Paul Phantom

    Point system

    In the first case, did you request for comp when in the support case? And in the second case do you have your POV when brought into Support.
  9. Paul Phantom

    The Schneider Family is looking for active players

    @Luke Polski Please update your thread with the new gang name etc and make sure to update the template as well. This is so people who apply know your in-game gang name
  10. Paul Phantom

    Player Report

    I give permission for the clip of my stream to be used in this player report, please deal with this report as normal. -Thanks
  11. Paul Phantom

    Cop Shooting through the floor

    In regards to this situation, my POV is here: https://clips.twitch.tv/BashfulMiniatureMangoFUNgineer In the clip above, Micheal can be seen as a part of his body clipping through the floor, which has been seen multiple times in this VOD. Therefore, when I see his body I shoot it. Shortly after this clip, https://www.twitch.tv/paul_phantom/clip/HealthyTentativeKleeWow you can hear/see Micheal call me a rude word. I ask him not to do that ask I am streaming and I personally don't tolerate abuse towards myself. I ask Micheal to stop however he proceeds to call me the same word again. In this clip: https://clips.twitch.tv/RelievedUglyPepperRitzMitz I grab his ID, which can be shown as Micheal and this is the last time Micheal moves as his game crashes/ he pulls his plug as after this I cannot grab his ID any more. https://clips.twitch.tv/CrackySneakyCatDansGame In this clip: https://clips.twitch.tv/HappyNimblePeppermintFeelsBadMan you can see that Michael has evaded being arrested whether that be his game crashing/him closing his game I don't actually know. However he did effectively evade arrest and didn't come back to the situation, you can watch my VOD if you wish. In this video provided, https://youtu.be/mQhsLkgZf80 Micheal on my POV is arguing with me & shooting through the floor, however during HIS video you CANNOT hear him call me that rude word, however in this video, https://youtu.be/2FqAdm6LXs4 you can his recording software pick up his voice properly. It seems that he has either edited his video to remove his voice in the second clip, or for whatever reason his voice isn't recorded.
  12. Paul Phantom


    hello 😏
  13. Paul Phantom

    Redo Criminal Code

    Thanks for the suggestion, In regards to the Criminal code, Jack Fire (Community Lead/Chief Justice), is able to make changes to the Criminal code. I highly suggest writing down a few changes into a Google Document, stating what it is currently and why you want it changed. You can also add anything that needs to be added. After speaking with Jack the other day regarding this, he is up to adding some more charges to the code if people bring them to him. Here is his discord: Jack Fire#6487 & here is his forum profile if you wish to PM him @Jack Fire, those are the two best ways of contacting Jack regarding Criminal Code.
  14. Paul Phantom

    Comp for server crash

    Denied. You have more then enough money in your bank account to be able to afford a 50k loss. Comp request is denied & will be moved to the denied section.
  15. Paul Phantom

    Server Rules

    Rules updated 26/09/2019 @ 1:22 PM AEST Added: Section 2 - General Server Rules 2.8 When playing as a different life, you MUST have your name completely different. (For example, you can have your name as Zack Green for Cop and Logan Price for Civ. Your name cannot be backwards or back to front) You CANNOT have a few letters different when playing as a different person. Section 3 - Roleplay Rules 3.26 When playing as a different character other then what you mainly play, you CANNOT reference your other character (such as your cousin), as both characters MUST be different and cannot be linked.
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