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  1. Paul Phantom

    Inactive House Wipe!

    After going through all house owners, anyone that has NOT played in a month (30 Days) has had their house removed. If you have had your house removed, you will have your crates & contents removed as well. There will now be more houses available for purchase, make sure to purchase one soon. The Following people have had their houses & crates removed from Kings County - KingCodyIV Slick Sloth Charles Manson Leonard Rockstein Joe Gonzalas Kieran Davis Barry Slater Lupha Bennet Woody Woodpecker Bryce Winchester Raxor Security Cyrus Green Tobey Exile Patrick Smith Ehco Neustra Tundra Bear Hunter Smithson Bingo Bravo Jake Winchester Wolfram Sinclair Jason Winchester Trym Gym Casper Kraakman Chase Bravo Tori Bravo Johnny Bravo Trippy Eve Hector Nieto Matt Dinero Shamus Little Zack Fisher Michael Bravo Gabriel Ice James Bobbert Matt Todd Shawn Crunch Dave Miller Big Reaper John Mapple Vince Dupont Jaiden Lach Charlie Dawn Brad Collins Gary Wong Timothy Schneider Jeff Neustra John Lennon George Diamond Big Neustra Christian Reyes Jamal Felton Daquan Juan Litch Lemurs Ercan Bresks Ryan Corleone Jimmy Neustra Tyrone Jefferson Luca Corleone Bobby Jim Manny Palmers Bob Lee Swagger George Senson Michael Robert Alberto Gambini Stef Redman Josh Reed Tony Schneider Lee Freeman Nathan Boyer Jacob Axel Tyler Morelos Omyarion Jarvis Galvin Alaf Khalidan Steyr Boe Jangles Vagos de loco Brock Langton Eist Langton Ethan Green Harry Wang George Dep Dylan Greengo Devil Dog John Nos Aaron King Max Capone Connor King Madi Sombrego Kevin Abreu Cletus Jackson Apollo Rollo Jason Edwards Reese Schneider David Baked Max Petersen Ned Stark Matty Brooks Dano Collins Darryl Diamond Eugene Moneystein Aidan Chance Eddy Scardino Jacob Mardiono Eric Thompson Levi Donovan Bradley Smith Brad Nash Frank Robinson Owen Wong
  2. Paul Phantom

    Throwback Time! Australia Life Popup Server?

    Yeah that could work
  3. Paul Phantom

    Throwback Time! Australia Life Popup Server?

    I reckon we should have it over a weekend, even if it turns on late Friday Night and turns off early Monday Morning. This way it allows majority of the server to download the modpack & have a try as some people and their internet isn't the best.
  4. With 3.0 coming soon, we are opening official twitch stream applications. Twitch Streamers will have deathcam (The ability to look around while dead) & exclusive advertising. These are the following requirements to become a official twitch streamer with ANZUS: - You must have a active affiliate status (People can Sub & Gift Subs to your Stream) - You must NOT be known as a rulebreaker within ANZUS. - You must have less then 30 points. - You must be able to stream ANZUS at least 15 hours per week. - You must have a link to the ANZUS Website in your twitch panels. - While being a ANZUS Official Streamer, you CANNOT stream other Arma 3 Servers. Please copy the below template as a response to this topic RP Name: Forum Profile Link: Steam 64 ID: Steam Account Link: Twitch Profile Link:
  5. Paul Phantom

    Submit your best clips from 2019!

    WTF I was just testing out my shiny new weapon, who would know there was a person in the car. https://clips.twitch.tv/AlertSaltyCardMcaT
  6. Paul Phantom

    Submit your best clips from 2019!

    https://clips.twitch.tv/GentleSlipperyNeanderthalGivePLZ Doug gets obliterated by a PD member while having a hostage
  7. Paul Phantom

    Gang Wars

    @Lass Ajax Please edit your post will the following question at the bottom: Uniform (Name of Headgear, Uniform & Vest you'll be using as your uniform):
  8. Paul Phantom

    Gang Wars

    Gang Wars A Gang wars event has been suggested over the last few weeks. Below is all of the even details you will need to read & understand in order to be registered into the gang wars. - Gang war will take place on the WHOLE island of Kamdan. Anywhere you can reach is allowed. (No exploiting/Glitching to get yourself into positions) - Gear will be NOT be given out, therefore you will need to gear yourself up before the restart. (Gang war will take place after a restart) - KOS will be applied to anyone you see, you can kill. - Combat reviving will be allowed during the gang war, however once you die & bleed out you MUST leave the server until the event is over (This is to make sure that EVERYONE only has 1 life) - Police will NOT be involved in this gang war, however Police personnel may register & join in below following the template. (DON'T USE YOUR COP NAME IF YOU REGISTER) - EMS will NOT be involved in this gang war, however EMS personnel may register & join in below following the template. (DON'T USE YOUR EMS NAME IF YOU REGISTER) - Each Gang will have a maximum member count of 10 (Ten) to each gang, including the leader. - You can have less then 10 members to your gang, just not more then 10. - Teaming with other gangs will NOT be permitted during this event, if you are caught then your gang will be disqualified. - Gang names have to be appropriate and not incite any drama, they must be simple & in English characters. - Official Gangs may apply using their Official Gang name. - Each Gang must have a different uniform from another gang. Keep them unique. - Gang names must be unique, don't copy a already existing gang name. - Last gang standing at the end of the event will win a named street on 3.0 after their gang. The time & date of the First Kamdan Life Gang War event is: 28th of December, 9PM GMT / 4PM EST (This upcoming Saturday), which will be 7AM AEST / 10 AM NZT (This upcoming Sunday) Event will last for approx 1 Hr & 30 Minutes. Please get your Gang leader to POST 1 response to this topic copying the below template. REMEMBER only a max of 10 members (including the leader allowed in each gang) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gang name: Gang Leader Name/64 ID: Uniform (In-Game Name of Headgear, Clothing & Vest you'll be using as your uniform): Member 1 Name/64 ID: Member 2 Name/64 ID: Member 3 Name/64 ID: Member 4 Name/64 ID: Member 5 Name/64 ID: Member 6 Name/64 ID: * NOTE* If this gang war goes to plan, we intend to have a iteration of this once per month. ONLY RESPOND TO THIS POST WITH THE ABOVE TEMPLATE.
  9. Paul Phantom

    Mass Staff recruitment!

    Looking to become apart of the staff team? Well now is the time to apply to become apart of the ANZUS Staff Team. If you are a dedicated and active member of the community, and you wish to become a member of the staff team, apply using the link below. All you need to do is place a application here: https://www.anzus.life/forum/500-staff-applications/ & remember to fill out all questions to the best of your ability. Remember, no prior experience is required to apply for staff & you MUST be 15+ to apply for staff.
  10. Paul Phantom

    Inactive House Wipe!

    The following people have had their houses removed due to being inactive on the server for 1 month+ Therefore more houses will be available to buy in Kamdan, be quick as these usually get bought first. The following people's houses have been removed. - Matt Black - Mark Sap - 76561198012021315 (Unknown Player) - 76561198119676760 (Unknown Player) - 76561198124691051 (Unknown Player) - John Free - 76561198337633808 (Unknown Player) - 76561198337633808 (Unknown Player) - Bobby Wick - Danni Free - Dylan Saul - Sebastian Scorch - Kav Israe - Jakob Putz - Arthur Rutten - Connor Black - Brian Parker - Clyde Loughlin - Zico Forelli - Colesy - Scott Jaeger - Jamie Free - Roger Doger - Slim Jesus - Rick Wang - Ram Tojen - Shawn Dixson - Fogell Mcluvin - Danzel Washington - Kevin Walker - Tex Marshall - Flupis Mcshniggle - Mr Happy Killmore - Daniel Reddington - Albert Hope - Jacob Gabrini - Xavier Lucas - Tommy Wolf - Teo Wolf - Brandon Miller - John Forrester - James Adams - Vince Rooker - Jack Yikes - James Souser - Nick Moretti - Logan Mcleod - Nick Stallone - Shawn Prea - Angus Bangus - Brandon Sanders Jr. - Zero Wang - Rene Cleanwood - Alex Smith - Werner Hansen - Kyle Lucas - Edward Diamond - Jake Dean - Bob Coram - Maddison Olivas - Mafiana Havoc - Robert Huckleberry - Ricky Bobby - Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Not CL Jack Fire) - Johnny Black - Jackson Stark - Ray Antrax - Bot Mason - Ling Chong - Nate Diaz - Adam James - Ethan Bradberry - Geert Jadowski - Reptile Tempest - Apex Wilson - Adalard Yseult - Jammirjr Muller - Dave Coleman - Xenon Jones - Eric Walker - Abel Choi - Brock Brinkworth - Leaf Muller - George White - Mayson Pyrex - Spencer Brownshoe - Turtle Flip - Daniel Martinez - Eldr Baptiste - Micheal Scoot - Matt Cosmo - Jack Champion - Christopher Sandoval - Triston Grayson - Jamie Davis - Peeta Mellark - BOT Kyle - Arshz Spark - Anmi Swift - Reaper Little - Diego Padilla - Jack Champion - Riga Tony - Mason Smith - Aider White - Indica Kush - Dan Taylor - Stacey Wilco - Darian Marshal - Hugo David - Lenny Smith - Smith Halliwell - BOT Allan - David West - Connor Little - Barak Abd - Foi Eli - Tyler Weedall - Mark Anderson - Richard Kimble - Rofl Toffle - Connor Miller - Jason Storm - Ty Osiris - Matt Lopez - BOT Sem - Klaus Little - BOT Allan - Big Bot Mo - Leeroy Jenkins - Adam Frey - Liam Shmack - Francis Walters - Lupha Bennet
  11. Paul Phantom

    Kamdan Life 2.1

  12. Currently the Fire Minister role is open and SMT is looking for someone to take the role. This role will enquire the person to be active, and willing to work with SMT and the rest of the Fire Department High Command to make a functioning and well oiled Fire Department. Please fill out the following LOI if you wish to become to a Fire Minister Please fill out the below form if you wish to apply to become the Fire Minister. https://forms.gle/nJTyfzYshTTaHZLa9 PLEASE NOTE: Filling out this form doesn't guarantee you a position within the FD.
  13. Paul Phantom

    Looking for a Emergency Vehicle Texture Developer!

    @Stevie Jones PM some of your work in Discord. Dynamiic#9029
  14. Currently there is quite a bit that needs to be skinned in regards to EMS/FD & KSP skinned vehicles. IF you know anyone that has experience or you have experience yourself please fill out the from below! We are offering in-game money as a service for helping us out. NOTE: There are approx 15 or so cars for the FD/KSP to be skinned. There is currently no design style set so you can start from scratch or use your own template. Templates for the cars can be provided if needed. For the PATROL cars for the KSP, they will need to be done at least 2 times with each car having 2 variants, SWAT & Patrol. This is no little task, so if you are interested, skin one FD & one KSP vehicle currently in the mod-pack, send the .paa our way before you put multiple hours into these cars, we can give you some feedback! Fill in the below form & reply to this topic if interested in helping us out! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Steam 64 ID: Age: Any previous experience as a texture developer?: Do you have any images/folio's that you could show us regarding your previous work on texturing Emergency vehicles: Are you willing to put in the hours into skinning most of the vehicles that we need done?:
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