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  1. Jeff Khali

    The Underground Outlaws | Custom | Recruiting

    Full Name? Jeff Khali Age: 15 What can you bring to The Underground Outlaws? I would bring great combat skills to the gang and great maturity and great listening Why you would like to join us? To get into the server as I don’t have a gang right now and I love getting into gun fights and doing major crimes  Can you follow orderswithout question? Yes Will you be 100%dedicated to the Underground Outlaws? Yes Are you actively on the server almost every day? No because I don’t have a gang but I would be What is your UID 76561198218365959  What is your Timezone?GMT+1 How much hours do you have in ARMA 3? 416
  2. Jeff Khali

    The Filthy Fraggers (Recruitment Open)

    This gang ain’t a thing no more haha
  3. Jeff Khali

    The Filthy Fraggers (Recruitment Open)

    I remember when Devils Henchman where on AL and always had gun fights with this gang haha
  4. Jeff Khali

    The Capone Family - Gang Application

    Full Name - Jeff Khali Age (16 minimum) - 15 (hopefully this is ok and there's an exception also I'm 16 on 09/11/19 DD/MM/YY) Region - Europe Why would you like to join the Capone Family? (80 words minimum) - I would like to join the Capone Family to be able to have fun on the server and really get into it. I've been on Anzus since it launched Kamdan but I wasn't always on. I also remember when this family was on AL and there where some great guys in it. You guys also do lots of major crimes which I love to do as I like gunfights on Arma . I also have a couple of friends and a relative in the family. Jacob Flowers and Dimitri Sokavsky are my mates and Michael Capone (Michael Angelo) is my cousin. What can you bring to the family? - I would bring lots of fun and great frags to this family because of my past experience with many different gangs How many days have you been on the island? - 122 days (I'm a low level cause I wasn't always on but thats exactly when I joined)  What are your strengths or weaknesses? (4 sentences minimum) - I am a very courageous guy. I'm also a dedicated guy. I'm weak at communication (Like pointing out things and stuff like that. Been working on it). I'm a very protective guy. I will stand by my fellow family members and always protect them. Do you acknowledge and respect the authority of high ranking officers inside the family and why? - Yes as they have more experience then me and they are the leaders. And also as I really want to join the family I will have to respect and follow all orders given to me by the leaders. How many hours do you have on Arma 3 and Arma 2? - On Arma 3 I only have 334 hours. I only started playing Arma in December I think. I got into Arma thanks to Michael Capone (Michael Angelo). He helped me a lot. Taught me how to frag and do lots of things. Hopefully an exception is made so I can join the family. How active will you be? - I will be on almost every day as I'm off school. Do you have any current gang affiliations? - Yes right now I'm in The Filthy Fraggers but I'm looking for a new gang as they are not active at all. Do you understand that in our gang we hold rules and guidelines that must be followed? - Yes. Do you understand that in our gang we uphold all the rules that Anzus has in place? - Yes. Paste your steam account here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/TIXXZZZ
  5. Jeff Khali

    Suggestion for making money and getting guns

    Ok I agree a bit with you but tbh no one really roleplays on the server for some reason. Like for example every where I go ppl talk about IRL stuff and about rules and stuff without using roleplay terms (idk if u understand me) which actually kinda sucks.
  6. Jeff Khali

    Suggestion for making money and getting guns

    Sorry about that. That’s not what I really meant tbh. Like I think a lot of people will like it if guns where cheaper and runs gave more money. Again I’m sorry about that
  7. Hi I just wanted to make a suggestion to make runs pay way more and be easier to do and make it so guns are cheaper and easier to get. Just a suggestion. They are already good but could be better. Thanks
  8. Jeff Khali

    Jaguar Giveaway [7000 members]

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