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  1. Harvey Armstrong

    New Trial Major Crime Ruleset

  2. This is fucking awesome thank you so much
  3. Harvey Armstrong

    Call to take the Kings County Bar | General

    I have completed my examination. Regards, Harvey Armstrong
  4. Harvey Armstrong

    Bar Interest Form

  5. Harvey Armstrong


  6. Harvey Armstrong

    House wipe warning

    House and contents, its because a lot of the real estate is bought up
  7. Harvey Armstrong

    Luke Wnekowski - Rotary Application

    +1 I know Luke from USCG and from the official companies, he is a great fit for the role. This just happened a few minutes ago, I was in the chopper with Luke piloting and we had to rush to get our paychecks, you can actually hear me tell him he should apply for Aviation in the ANZUS MilSim right after seeing him do this
  8. All the tow truck drivers in the KCT company will be very happy for the first change, thanks a lot
  9. Harvey Armstrong

    New gang houses system

  10. Harvey Armstrong

    Looking for 5 official companies

    @Loxxon Husky @Jack Knight @Jack Jefferson @John Hilton @Nick Smith @Alexis Sanchez @Mort Higgins @John Taylor @Tom Carter @Sam Jenks @Raph Reaper @Alex Hinkley @Oliver Blax @Pug Nuestra @James Shark Seeing your posts and some of you being on the rosters of those companies, if you guys are still interested in the official companies, come find me and speak to me, we aren't setting sail just yet, but we are building the boat!
  11. Harvey Armstrong

    Looking for 5 official companies

    I was the one who made the original suggestion to Doug about these companies, and gave him the list of the potential companies. One other idea that might be accepted is an official racing company. With the new go-kart track, this can be facilitated in many ways, and I see many roleplay opportunities. Ex. shutting down roads for a race, drag races, formal betting/pink slips, etc. If anyone likes this idea, go ahead and make one! I have made a suggestion to make some combination of companies. This is what I told Doug: All these applicants for official talk show/news/radio stations could instead be one large station that does all 3; news, music, and talk show over a set freq. Doing just music/talk show over a freq for hours at a time can become boring. I can see an integration of a music/talk show going, then interrupting with "Breaking News" and switching to a news broadcast for any major crimes or other reported incidents, or switching to news broadcasts for updates on situations (ex. an active DOJ case) with a Twitch live feed from a news helicopter/news van. Conveniently, we already have a "breaking news" report for major crimes by AAN World News, so that integrates nicely. I haven't heard back yet, but larger companies with subsidiaries is a good idea, but in general banks/bounty hunting require sophisticated roleplay, the other types of companies like radio/towing are less complicated so I suspect that idea might come later or not at all because of its complexity to integrate.
  12. Harvey Armstrong

    [Community Vote] Wipe?

    If you vote for wipe now, we will have to work to level up in 3.6 and 4.0!!
  13. Harvey Armstrong

    Looking for 5 official companies

    I was talking over this idea with Doug earlier, and he's hit most of the good options, but here are some potential ideas that came up in discussion, and I don't want to skip them in case someone starts an amazing company over it! Radio Station (Play soundboard radio over a set freq, English music only) Security Company Banks (Loan money to new players) I encourage you to make creative ideas for companies like the ones above, although they are not guaranteed for approval, the worst thing that can happen is Doug will say no. The many benefits include being an owner of a company, having organized roleplay opportunities, making good money and have an alternate career from gang life/emergency first response, a teamspeak tag, a teamspeak channel, assistance from development (for established companies in the future), being able to meet other ANZUS players and make friends, and many more!
  14. Harvey Armstrong


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