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    Unban Appeal Callum

    Your in-game name: Callum Twig Your SteamID64: 76561197969361130 Appeal Type: Ban Dispute (Default) Who banned you: Not sure think it was Thompson something Why were you banned: For what it was Leaving support a case and something else. Ban duration: RFC Why should you be unbanned? (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence): Formally i want to say i do apologies for leaving the support channel due to it being a heated convorsation, between the staff member and the other members in the case who were all arugueing about the situaiton. Firstly i want to make my self clear i left the support case as it went on over 35 minutes plus taking up my time and people were just constantly argueing. I left due to me going as i needed to go due to i pruchased a house and had to collect the keys, but i did not leave to intentionaly get away, i said to them report me on the fourms i cant stay here any longer and gave them time to respond. So i left the Teamspeak and went away and do my own things in my life that are more important. This has happend 2 month ago, Sometime in june. I do not care to be unbanned from Arma 3 Anzus, all i want to do is play the new community called Anzus RP and have the chance to play the new commumity because everyone deservers a 2nd or third chance right? Now moving on, i would like to apologise to the staff member for taking up this case as it was the worst case he could do due to the people in the chat non stop argueing with me and the other staff members in the case because they didnt get their own way, found out the out come for me for leaving the case was a 7 day ban and then turnt into a RFC when i was away for 1 month 2 weeks. All i'm saying is this will not happen again and i will be looking forward for the GTa 5 server if i will be forgiven for my actions.
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