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  1. Master Flynn

    One Issue - One Solution

    The Issue: People are way to negative and too easily offended when dealing with each other. People complain and report players for everything they can just to win a fight which then in turn gets content, gear, etc removed from that faction and new rules implemented that make it less fun for one gang that is on top or one faction. Cops and Civs alike are loosing their moral to play. Everyone in the community breaks at least 1 rule a day when they play if they know it or not. However, every little rule break is taken to support, and support is used as a baby-sitting station because one gang was attacked by another gang and they lost. Same with Cop vs Civ encounters someone ends up butt hurt and takes it to support and gets that player points. Most of the time the player is out of the game and in support before even being revived.... We are just banning one player at a time until there is no one left. My proposal: Start forcing gangs and police to go talk to the person that "offended" them before going to support and trying to work it out. Do not even let the staff team touch it until things are talked between the butt hurt person and the person that supposedly made that person’s ass hurt. Make it an option that there can be comp given with no points. Everyone just needs to calm down and play the game. I know that people break rules and there are a lot of rules that are broken on a daily basis but the game is so snooze when every gun fight I get into someone gets "offended". Make the support rooms for major offences and everything else can be taken to the forums for the little stuff.
  2. Master Flynn

    Rupert Drayton - Discharge

    Name: Rupert Drayton Badge Number:276 Current Rank: Deputy Reason for Discharge: Has been RFC UID: 76561198116129249
  3. Master Flynn

    Kamdan Life 2.0 Announcement

    bad news ur demoted buddy.
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