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George Cown

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  1. Once again An awesome update, Bringing new features and more to do Cheers Devs Doug any anyone involved.
  2. George Cown

    Looking for 4 official gangs

    Can the following gang leaders please PM me in discord: , Whisky Cartel, Infinity and Spartans. - Short mafia denied too long
  3. Awesome update thanks devs Doug and anyone who had a part in it look forward to hopping on
  4. 10/10 great job lads. Cheers for the update
  5. George Cown

    Kamdan Life 2.1.2 [Capture Points, New cars]

    10/10 lads awesome job with this update.
  6. George Cown

    9000 Member giveaway!

  7. George Cown

    Kamdan Life 2.1

    Looks POGGG Nice job everyone involved
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