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  1. George Cown

    Weapons Cache Compensation Request

    //DENIED\\ Whats to say that someone didnt get there before you and would have taken the gun there is no way of knowing that you would have won that for certain.
  2. George Cown

    Frank well Compensation Request

  3. George Cown

    John Delaney - Compensation Request

  4. George Cown

    Adolf ChadGamerman Compesation request

    \\DENIED// Hello, Your comp request has been denied, you did not finish the Lab raid so we cannot determine the outcome. Sincerely, George Cown, Head Administator
  5. George Cown

    Comp for Storm Stormensen

    \\Under Review// Hello, Your comp is under review - @Svarte faenPlease supply Evidence of your garage and the impound lot with a timestamp either today or later. Sincerely, George Cown, Head Administator
  6. George Cown

    James Perez - Compensation Request

    \\ACCEPTED// Hello, Your comp Has been Accepted George Cown, Head Administator
  7. George Cown

    Compensation Request

    \\Under Review// Hello, Your comp is under review - please supply proof that it is no longer in your garage you have 24 hours. @Lee Tripaloski Sincerely, George Cown, Head Administator
  8. George Cown

    Owen konnie staff reapplying had to resign

    //ACCEPTED\\ See me in ts
  9. George Cown

    9000 Member giveaway!

  10. George Cown

    Aiden Pearce - Support Application

    Gets my +1 been on Anzus for a while good lad
  11. George Cown

    Jhon Makrov - Compesation Request

  12. George Cown

    mike pompelio

    That is the virus you get from rebel meaning you havnt completed it thefore you can get the amount that costs in rebel
  13. George Cown

    mike pompelio

    In the bottom left of the Screen shot with the pink car you can clearly see sync your data. therefore there were warnings. you will not be reciving comp for the bean bag gun however i will check how much the virus is
  14. George Cown

    Robbie Robinson Comp Request

    @Thomas Archer Was the bushmaster a supply drop gun?
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