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  1. George Cown

    New player robbed and shot.

    Hi Unforchanlty without any evidence we cannot do much for you its lucky that you were revived and im sorry about the trouble they caused you i will investigate this further though. DENIED
  2. George Cown

    Walter Skies & Wyrus - Giving/Wearing EMS Gear

    \\DENIED// Giving out EMS gear isnt against the rules, it may be in the SOPS but Rules trump SOPS Rule 1.2 is for the Verified service member tag and other Real life things. 1.2 – You may not mislead others regarding your gender, occupation or rank/position in the community. (E.G Stolen Valor)
  3. George Cown

    addons\3a_tuning_shop.pho not found [Solved]

    Hi I see that you solved this issue, i assume by deleting the pbo and re syncing. Many thanks George.
  4. George Cown

    Admin Report Father Tescobar

    Hi @Joshua King please find me in discord and gather all evidenc and provide a short statment of what happend many thanks.
  5. George Cown


    Hi please head to teamspeak or Discord and make a ticket in # Tickets Here you can explain further your issue, please make sure you have the correct mods loaded and that you have member tags and have done VAC ban whitelisting if you have any VAC bans these are done on discord
  6. George Cown

    Need help in teamspeak

    Yes a staff member should be there
  7. George Cown

    Need tags

    Please head to Teamspeak to tags
  8. George Cown

    I need tags

    please head to teamspeak to get tags
  9. George Cown

    1 day ban for stream sniping?

    This is not where you place unban appeals
  10. George Cown

    TS Tag VAC Ban

    Hi please make a ticket on the Discord under #Tickets @Simmy Matic
  11. George Cown

    Welcome Olympus refugees

  12. George Cown

    Shroud Schneider - Player Report

    //UNDER REVIEW\\ @Shroud Schneider- How I see it, The purple car does not s1 you you dont have an accident, he pulled infront of you to block your car but your not paying attention and ram into them. he then crosses lanes to your lane and you almost crash into him again, you then yell we cant hear you but then Repeate the innitation. They then have innitation on you then they ram you truck whilst in innitation. your people then fire first anyway .
  13. George Cown

    10000 members giveaway!

  14. George Cown

    Ram - Player report

    //DENIED+CLOSED\\ This is not what was said, humans do have a voice box, talked over in discord.
  15. George Cown

    Jake T. - Donator

    Locked +Closed
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