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  1. Ram Yanoodle

    The 1v1 Problem.

    there is this magical thing called "dont do it in rebel but perhaps a secluded area"
  2. Ram Yanoodle

    Inmate Rule Suggestion

    the numbers dont make things hard? staff can do this ?check *last 4 numbers or 5 of steam 64 id"
  3. Ram Yanoodle

    Inmate Rule Suggestion

    no flame but if you start to report them for it it would not happen just saying. If i saw people get points for being in jail i would not want to do it but if i knew cops were to scared to go to support ild thinl i can get a way with doing it
  4. Ram Yanoodle

    Inmate Rule Suggestion

    Its legit a rule brake? As you abuse a ingame feature to gain an advantage. Just report them
  5. Ram Yanoodle

    Autobiography of my trip from DOC to the Moon

    this aint a book I WANT A REFUND!
  6. Ram Yanoodle

    Player reeeeport

    @Mike Zanos you on ts cus he legit confirms what i say in his statements
  7. Ram Yanoodle

    Player reeeeport

    @Mike Zanos i may have a vid of taylor admiring to initiating on me in a voice chat give me a min
  8. Ram Yanoodle

    Player reeeeport

    @Mike Zanos i deleted the vid cus it wont show anything as the gunfight was longer than 3 mins but ask @Taylor Spogell as he was the one who initiated on me
  9. Ram Yanoodle

    Lucas Lesb - KMD Volunteer Application

    over ruled by craven
  10. Ram Yanoodle

    Player reeeeport

    and if shift ging is not a rule brake ima go walk around the map and shift g every 1 cus "it gives me no advantage in a situation"
  11. Ram Yanoodle

    Player reeeeport

    @Mike Zanos the only time i initiated on them was after he knocked me out for no reason. @Taylor Spogell can confirm this
  12. Ram Yanoodle

    Player reeeeport

    @Scott Irish you guys got me up and i let my friend @Taylor Spogell out of MY car and ran HIm over cus he did it to me and HE then initiated on ME the only time i initiated on you was after you knocked me out.
  13. Ram Yanoodle

    Player reeeeport

    he killed me, revived me and then knocked me out
  14. Ram Yanoodle

    Player reeeeport

    @Mike Zanos yeah but it will just show me in a gun fight with them?
  15. Ram Yanoodle

    Player reeeeport

    Name: ram boyd Name of player you are reporting: chris scottish (76561198169921439) Date of Incident: 09/11/2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): /shrug Rule(s) Broken: .13 – You must initiate or be being initiated on to be allowed to knock someone out and rob them. Description of Incident: got revived and knocked out for no reason then he justified it with "when we got you up last time you did something stupid" ??? Evidence: https://streamable.com/1lcs4 Have you already been to support about this incident: no If so what was the result of the support case:
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