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Ram Yanoodle

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  1. Ram Yanoodle

    Infantryman Application - Ram Boyd

    General Information: Name:Ram Boyd Age:17 Date of Birth: 16/01/2020 Timezone: GMT Applicant Questions: Do you have any prior experience in Milsim?: Yes What is your desired squad role, if any (AT, Grenadier, Rifleman, etc): Rifleman Why do you want to join the Infantry? [35 Word Minimum]: From my previous experience in milsim i found this role to be enjoyable because i cant fly to save my own life never mind any body elses life, i hate ACE with a passion leaving rifleman as it only really requires me to not troll and "roleplay" and both i can do! and iv found milsim to be more enjoyable as a whole when compared to life servers. Have you applied for any other roles?: no How long have you been part of ANZUSGaming: a year and a bit have you ever been banned?: perhaps Anything else you'd like to add?: i like milsim and this is probs the only serious fourm post iv made in a bout a year.
  2. Ram Yanoodle

    [EVENT] Faction Wars - Saturday 10PM BST

    bro i cant wait u gonna be there aswell? cus ya know we can join the server and all
  3. Ram Yanoodle

    Throwback Time! Australia Life Popup Server?

    2 days old rules
  4. Ram Yanoodle

    Doug Jumper Stream Sponsored Giveaway [Supercar]

    1 take it or leave it
  5. Ram Yanoodle

    One Issue - One Solution

    The issue: people with big egos post major rule brakes in frag montages and expect nothing to be done cus they all pull the "you cant use my proof on me hahahah"My solution: hire ram as the "Fragtage inspector" where i overlook frag montages and hand out points for exploits and etc :>>>> ( or admin+) aka add a rule that states "if there is a clear rule brake in somebody's POV and they have submitted it as proof for a case it may be used to give them points
  6. Ram Yanoodle

    One Issue - One Solution

    the paint ball arena
  7. Ram Yanoodle

    One Issue - One Solution

    they say "server side issues" but some staff members dont know what a server side issue is or what is not
  8. Ram Yanoodle

    One Issue - One Solution

    The issue: when people S1 you for no reason you have no way of reporting them if they dont talk or get out.My solution: do what electro gaming's taki did where if you press tab on somebody it has a small pop up to the top left of the screen that stated " *FACTION* *Steam 64ID* " this will reduce the amount of support cases that get closed for lack of proof
  9. Ram Yanoodle

    One Issue - One Solution

    please add a rule / SOP that states "all law enforcement officers must match fire power to allow a fair fight" or something like that
  10. Ram Yanoodle

    Kings County Governor Election

    Roleplay name: Ram BoydSteam64id: 76561198174101250Roleplay backstory/presidential backstory: Hello i am ram boyd, and i have recently had my visa renewed to stay in KINGS COUNTY. the earth is flat and if i am elected governor i will do the following: Legalize the corona virus and let it have its own rights like the living organism it is! Start our own brexit because brexit means brexit be inactive after my first week like everybody else give everybody a free pony because why not have public readings of the communist manifesto because why not make us a flag? UP coastguard funding by 10% and decrease the 10% of the funding that EMS had to give it to CG do fuck all about the economy because im a conservative voter and fuck paying more tax to give the poor money. i will live in a big house for 2 month until im voted out. build a wall somewhere ( i dont know where yet give me a bit) do public speakings where i hold blank paper infront of me to make you all think i planned what i am saying but really i was to busy watching youtube to make one. but to say in a way that you will all understand, i just wanna see what happens if they put a big fucking retard in charge of everybody -Ram Boyd Head of the Flat Earth society Kings County chapter
  11. Ram Yanoodle

    Doug Jumper Stream Sponsored Giveaway [Yacht]

    1 final offer take it or leave it
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