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  1. Kain McCloud

    Comp Request - Kain McCloud

    Name: Kain McCloud Steam64ID: 76561197982727484 Date of Incident: 8.13.19 Time of Incident (LA Time): 2:05 PM Amount your claiming: 70,000 Description of situation: Joined a special slot (PD) and I was instantly debugged (Jordan had the same experience) all on hand gear was lost, and on hand cash. Evidence: n/a
  2. Kain McCloud

    DOC Suggestion

  3. Kain McCloud

    Remove the Hydrant at DOC

    Get good?
  4. Kain McCloud


    We can openly acknowledge that DOC has its issues, it must also be openly acknowledge that our hand is forced by your own actions, when coming into DOC. As Major and Overwatch of DOC I have put an announcement out to try and make things a bit more fun for the civilians. Please understand that you will get far as a prisoner in DOC if you cooperate and remain civil, and if you are treated poorly by a CO while remaining civil, and cooperating they should be reported to the Chain Of Command for DOC. Ultimately I would love to have a setting where we didn't have to be aggressive with most people but unfortunately they dictate the response they receive.
  5. Kain McCloud

    Kain McLoud - Player Report

    I understand you are angry about being dismissed from the Police Department due to your behavior but lets not drag that into this case. Lets keep it about the facts, the fact is what you claim isn't true, and I will wait for the staffs verdict on the case.
  6. Kain McCloud

    Kain McLoud - Player Report

    You can see in the video when I stated I was pulling you out I was already committed to the action and unable to stop, then you began driving while it was taking place, ill gladly see you in support whenever you are ready.
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