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  1. Kain McCloud

    Weapons Cache More Frequent

    Agreed, we miss the roleplay zones.
  2. Kain McCloud

    No Initiation For Shanks

    I mean if you want to get down to it in a Correctional Facility CO's have no requirement to actually warn you of actions they are going to take. Granted it is in the persons best interest to warn them, if the situation dictates they can engage with or without warning.
  3. Kain McCloud

    No Initiation For Shanks

    Then we shouldn't have to initiate to taze or shoot you in the cell block.
  4. Kain McCloud

    Weapon Shop Change(ALL Factions)

  5. Kain McCloud

    a rebel state island

    Im fine with an island, you guys want to have a place were you can openly engage in your sex rituals go for it. That being said this call for militarized vehicles is a bit asinine considering its A ROLEPLAY SERVER. Every post I see confirms to me more and more that the civilian population does not want to role play in the slighest. I will openly admit my Department has issues, and I try damn hard to fix them. How about you guys try actually interacting with people instead of worrying about what major crimes and bullshit is out there. The people that actually roleplay on the server are far and few between, and its pretty sad to see that people are only concerned with areas they can kill in.
  6. Kain McCloud

    Civilian Council

    Just to point out - we have re done our shop entirely removed most of the OP mags outside of Specialized Departments. Lowered response on Major Crimes Restricted Flashbang and Smokes Restricted Shields Changed the entire training system to produce better officers Viciously targeting officers who are corrupt and are also too loose on the trigger with civilians. That's just a small list of things that my Command Team has been working on to ensure we have a environment thats balanced and not "Cop sided"
  7. Kain McCloud

    Civilian Council

    Im honestly confused as to where you find us to be OP. I have been personally scaling back responses to Major Crimes etc, as well as SMT has. We have rolled on entirely new documentation that has further changed how police respond in situations. Ill chalk this up to what it is, you are losing and you dont like it. Thats fair, cops are the same way. Simply put though do not come in claiming to know something when you are 100% ignorant to what it is we are doing. Also, your "civilian" panel is a horrible idea because they have NEVER worked because it just becomes people who are tied to gangs in power or friends of them and it just becomes a shit fest....just like it has on every other server.
  8. Kain McCloud

    Whats Your favourite rap/hiphop music

    Wu Tang Clan is the only answer in this thread that is acceptable.
  9. Kain McCloud

    Share Your PC Setup

    Doug's Keyboard after a Major.
  10. Kain McCloud

    Share Your PC Setup

  11. Kain McCloud

    Josh Cole Player Report

    @Mikey Longmire We have been trying to push RP whenever possible. Armed gang is sitting at a Major Crime Building. They have no valid reason for being at the building other than to start it. Officers went on scene first and began contact, in which no issues were had at that point. It only became an issue when I called them off for the vehicular assault. You are setting a precedent that we should just go in and blanket initiate with a large armed force instead of trying to come to a peaceful resolution.
  12. Kain McCloud

    Josh Cole Player Report

    @Mikey Longmire Occupation of a major crime building denotes negotiations, not to mention said building with multiple gang members wielding class threes with multiple bodies on the ground. It was prudent to negotiate vs start an immediate firefight. We erred on the side of caution because it was impossible to call the situation as it stood.
  13. Kain McCloud

    Josh Cole Player Report

    Starting at 1:12 in this video you can clearly hear me say that negs are off due to being ran over by one of them
  14. Kain McCloud

    Josh Cole Player Report

    @Jose Mourinho @Mikey LongmireI called off negotiations when a member of the gang ran me down purposely. I was on the perimeter of the situation and moving out of the way of the vehicle, it turned into the direction I moved, which showed me it was intentional. At that point I called the negotiations off for vehicular assault.
  15. Kain McCloud


    10/10 timing for domestic terror.
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