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Kain McCloud

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Kain McCloud last won the day on December 16 2019

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  1. Kain McCloud

    Deacon Cade - Force Discharge

  2. Kain McCloud

    Jordan Goulding - LOA Request

    Approved with resentment
  3. Kain McCloud

    LOA Request - Dylan Rodgers

  4. Kain McCloud

    Punishiment report - Brogan vartan

    @Zack Green Reverse punishment per Appeal results
  5. Kain McCloud

    Brogan Vartan - Disciplinary Appeal

    The only reason I am granting this appeals is because you were on your first day. No further lenience will be showed.
  6. Kain McCloud

    Chirs Sykes - Disciplinary Appeal

    This has been announced time and time again unfortunately State will not be approving this appeal. Denied.
  7. Kain McCloud

    Hondo Saska - Disciplinary Dispute

    @Master Flynn
  8. Kain McCloud

    Jordan Goulding - LOA Request

  9. Kain McCloud

    Instation Report - Josh Cole

    Name: Josh Cole Badge Number: HR Assign Department: DOC Current Rank: New Rank: Senior Trooper New Badge Number: HR assign Reason for the promotion/demotion: SC Instatement Promoting/Demoting Officers Details Name: Kain Rank: Chief Badge Number: 100 Signature Kain McCloud
  10. Kain McCloud

    LOA Request - Rick Larsson

    You better be getting a fucking lung transplant. Approved.
  11. Kain McCloud

    LOA Request - Jordan Goulding

  12. Kain McCloud

    Force Discharge - Chris Holmes

  13. Kain McCloud

    LOA Request - Rick Larsson

  14. Kain McCloud

    LOA Request - Rick Larsson

    Report to @Doug Jumper for a full physical.
  15. Kain McCloud

    LOA Request - Rick Larsson

    Provide Doctors Note.
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