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  1. Connor Blacc


    Most of the time I hop on this server, I stop playing if I get put into jail. It's the most boring shit with a cop just riding your ass. Have the cops just patrol a bit inside and not just staring you down the entire time. I believe this would add more fun for both parties. Maybe also add some more things to do like the soccer field. Everybody at doc is there waiting for shit to go down, so maybe make it possible and not have cops stare you down forever. Also I agree with not restraining people, but if they are exploiting just keep them restrained and report them.
  2. Connor Blacc


    I can tell most DOC officers are bored sitting inside watching prisoners all day, as are us prisoners. They just sit and watch us inside our cell which doesn't allow us to do shit. DOC officers just need to be more lenient and not fucking watch cells all day. It might make the experience for both parties better over all.
  3. Name: Connor Black Age: 17 Timezone: EST Why would you like to join Shadow Division: I'm looking for a good gang to roll around with, Shadow Division seems like that gang. What could you bring to Shadow Division: I'm very active, sporting over 600 hours in the past 4 months. I've also been a higher up in several gangs and staff in another community. In game lvl (Minimum 20): 43 Money in bank (250k+): $300k + house/cars. Hours on Arma (500+): 623 Have you read and understand the rules of the server: Yes Steam profile & Steam 64: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Captainnnnnn/ 76561198145152692 Discord name: Captainnn#8238
  4. Connor Blacc

    Name Change - Connor Blacc

    Could I please get my name changed to Connor Black instead of Connor Blacc? thanks lads.
  5. Connor Blacc

    House perm keys

  6. Connor Blacc

    Paul Phantom Report

    That S1 counted as initiation, and the cops prolly had bigger fish to fry. also at 3:20 you unmute in discord which is classified as metagaming xd
  7. Connor Blacc


  8. Connor Blacc

    Transport Truck Buff

    imo, Transport truck should yield massive rewards. We own mafia and we always get police keycards + sks/spars and maybe $50k. That's it. It's not even worth our time to go to it. I think it needs to yield maybe 1 or 2 7.62 guns besides the sks and it would be worth it again.
  9. Connor Blacc

    Lavar Ball - Player Report

    I just like to say you initiated on the mini cooper AFTER you started shooting them, then you shot at the other vehicle without initiating and attempted to initiate when they were WAY too far to even hear you yelling. I expected better of you big man. (also s1ing is only initiation for POLICE. If a CIV S1s you, that is NOT initiation)
  10. Connor Blacc

    The Free Family Reaching out

    ayo mate what a good guy
  11. Connor Blacc

    Danni Free - Staff app

    +1 good man
  12. Connor Blacc

    Broadcast system

  13. Connor Blacc

    Skills Perk recommendation

  14. Connor Blacc

    Player Report

    Name: Connor Black Name of player you are reporting: Recondo Davenport Date of Incident: 5/16/19 Time of Incident (LA Time): 6pm LA Rule(s) Broken: No Initiation, then attempted multiple times to spray me out of my truck whilst driving and killed me at the end. Description of Incident: I was going to finish my uranium run, when this lambo pulled up and was driving along side me and threatened to shoot me if I didn't stop whilst in his car. I proceed to continue driving and he attempts multiple times to spray me out of my car before killing me at the end. (sorry for background noise in video, was watching a movie.) Evidence: In Part 1, he "initiates" from his vehicle at around 20 seconds in, then first attempts to spray me out around 2:20. He ends up killing me in the part 2. (I didn't clip it in time to get it in one video)
  15. Connor Blacc

    Connor Black - Player Report

    Hello John, on my POV I switched to yell and initiated, but what I believe what happened was, I switched and initiated too fast so it didn't pick up the yelling part. Sorry for that, I'll try to not do that again. My POV also didn't record otherwise I could prove I switched to yell. Sorry again mate.
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