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  1. Beamer benson

    Beamer Benson

  2. Beamer benson

    Beamer Benson Player Report

  3. Beamer benson

    Beamer Benson

    its a fucking wood fence , 9.8 – You must not use ingame features in an unrealistic manner. (Minor Exploiting) (Includes third person'ing THROUGH walls, shooting through walls which you could obviously not shoot through [such as concrete and brick walls], and running through walls) [such as concrete and brick walls] [such as concrete and brick walls] [such as concrete and brick walls] ....... thought it would of been fine idk why i got a whole 20 points for this
  4. Beamer benson

    Beamer Benson Player Report

    and he uploaded the footage over two days of the incident happening ....
  5. Beamer benson

    Beamer Benson Player Report

    @Kelly Severide
  6. Beamer benson

    Beamer Benson Player Report

    how i'm i getting points for this almost a month later makes no sense would of got these points when i had none ....
  7. Beamer benson

    Beamer Benson - Player Report

    and idk why u where there i wasn't even involved with cops died by my own gang
  8. Beamer benson

    Beamer Benson - Player Report

    i was told to shoot tbh ill give u 150k? as comp?
  9. 1x Magpul 1 = 600k 3x Honeybadger 1=125k 6x AKM 7.62 1=30k 1x AKU 1=80k https://gyazo.com/dea752eae417623345962231d53fb45f message me
  10. Beamer benson

    Beamer Benson Player Report

    This was from way back last week and you posted it Saturday pretty sure you only have two days to post it or you could stack reports..... And also where is the longer clip of where I engaged your friend down the road then you guys decided to drive off. (2min clip??) And I hit the pole with my truck causing the truck to desync back into your car. I was on, you never went to support or I would of been pulled. If I ran you over you would off been spangled on the ground not on top of the truck...
  11. Beamer benson

    Michy Batshuayi - Player Report

    because it was our gangs car, Michy stole it from uranium trader, Michy got killed by someone in my gang. he must of locked picked it before we then went to rebel to buy supplies. then Michy got revived. yoinked some black afero remaro tracked the keys to rebel and tried to yoink it watch Michy's twitch vod. and Michy tried to steal it back when we where in it in a safe zone. How is he allowed to pull us out and yoink a car when we have key for it and claimed it as ours now? I was sitting in drivers seat with keys. we killed him... whole gang shot at him. @Jackson Reed
  12. Beamer benson

    Michy Batshuayi - Player Report

    First of all you're trying to steal my car that I locked picked and brought to rebel (GreenZone). You then run at 2:54:25 to yoink the car when where all in it at a greenzone. I then tell Michy to fuck off and that we got the car fair and square and if he try's to yoink it in the green zone i'm going to shoot him. He Then pulls me out of driver with no gun and tries to yoink the car so I shot him. Your Saying I was giving your car away meanwhile all my gangmembers are in it and where about to leave and you pull us out???? I was also within 5m of my car so I shot him when he stole it.... 4.12 - If you steal someones vehicle within 5 metres of the person (e.g. someone getting out of a car and then someone else jumping in and taking off) they can shoot you. But if you find your vehicle to be stolen while you're not 5 metres of the location you must initiate. https://gyazo.com/2dfa7c7a3d6e51e90e770d4b2e0891cf proof 13.1 - Green Zones marked on the map will be referred to as "Safe Zones" in this section and should be treated that way. Its a "Safe Zones" by the gods why are u trying to steal my car then?
  13. Beamer benson

    Selling Guns Pm for purchase

  14. Beamer benson

    Fucking Nuts Volk

    ""Technically"", not to be rude but is that yes or no @Doug
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