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  1. Eli Tyra

    Eli Tyra - Player Report

    As well as remember your friend is breaking by coming up calling us autistic when we where role-playing. 3.7 – Purposely attempting to ruin roleplay situations to try and be funny, edgy or for any other reason is nottolerated. To add 7.1 – You must always value your life as though it was real life, you must actively attempt to avoid being murdered by either complying or avoiding situations. By driving in the middle of the gun fight after seeing us. And 1.1 – You must respect every member of the ANZUS Gaming Community and may not engage in racism, homophobia or other hateful behavior. Driving up and calling us autistic breaks 1.1. This is just to name a few I don’t mean to be a dick just don’t break rules and then get mad at someone for what you believe is a rule break.
  2. Eli Tyra

    Eli Tyra - Player Report

    Ummm this happened so long ago, I was never given this report until right now when I’m on loa and not even home. If I was given this vid when it happened then it would have been sorted. The situation was I think I was there with 2 other people I was told over radio minions killed our other member. The yellow clothing on the floor was the uni they thought was minions, that I didn’t kill. Once I saw you pull up with a weapon after your friend called me and my partner autistic we believed you where mad at us because we killed your friend. When our other swat officer said minions before going down we took you out because we believed you were inniated. If this video happened more recently I would understand but you put me in a tight spot giving me a vid from a month ago when I’m on loa camping where the vid will barley even load. I believe I may have evidence to prove my point but as I said I am 6 hours away from home.
  3. Eli Tyra

    Compensation Request - Ronald Reagan

    Accepted Im not sure if you can make a gang with that character. but I will give you 75k Comp to try and remake it but if it doesn't work there is nothing I can do. Eli Tyra | Administrator
  4. Eli Tyra

    Zack Green - Staff Application

    <04:25:55> "Zack Green": Can you like my staff application please <04:26:03> "Zack Green": I wanna be the first person to get into staff that was perm'd +111 Actually a good guy deserves a chance in staff feel he could do good.
  5. Eli Tyra

    Jordan Sullivan comp request

    Accepted You Will receive your comp withing the next 30 min. Eli Tyra, Administrator
  6. Eli Tyra

    Comp request

    Under Review Please if you can get me another angle of the situation. From what I see the guy rams you from behind if i get a different angle. Eli Tyra, Administrator
  7. Eli Tyra

    Gabe Mascov Comp Request

    Report DeniedHello, At this time i will be denying your player report for the follow reason . We can not give you comp for a arma feature. Sincerely, Eli Tyra, Administrator
  8. Eli Tyra

    Vincent Roselli - Comp Request

    We need more evidence we cant just go of that.
  9. Eli Tyra

    Jordan Sullivan comp request

    Denied @Jordan Sully I need more evidence then this that the server crashed that you didn't pull your cord and that this wasn't a planned restart because that is what danny said it was. Any Questions DM me If you would still like comp ReApply with more Evidence. Eli Tyra | Administrator
  10. Eli Tyra

    Michy Batshuayi - Player Report

    10-4 Report now closed
  11. Eli Tyra

    Michy Batshuayi - Player Report

    Closed @Johnson Williams I believe that as the man you initiated on did not understand what you said as well as i barley understand you. As well as you are initiating without a gun out. As @Michy Batshuayi Wants Comp @Johnson Williams you have 24 hours to comp him 60k as well as be receiving 5 points. Send a screenshot in the comments or you will receive full points. @Michy Batshuayi NEVER BE IN A DISCORD CALL WHEN IN GAME ONLY WARNING Eli Tyra, Moderator
  12. Eli Tyra

    Michy Batshuayi - Player Report

    UnderReview Hello, @Michy Batshuayi I will be taking this case, @Johnson Williams You have 24 Hours to reply with your side of the story of what happened. Eli Tyra, Moderator.
  13. Eli Tyra

    VDM player Report - Craven Told me to

    Report Denied Hello, @Big Bot Mo At this time i will be denying your player report for the follow reason (You can see in the video You the person reporting is using discord to communicate.) Note: Next Time do not break rules in the vid in witch you are reporting someone breaking rules Sincerely, Eli Tyra - Moderator
  14. Eli Tyra

    VDM player Report - Craven Told me to

    @Carlos Slade Please respond your side within 24 hours
  15. Eli Tyra

    Antonio Newman/SPARK Gang - Player Report

    Closed @Antonio Newman As you did not respond within 24 hours you will be receiving 10 points for Killing in the same situation after you where killed and got revived in the same situation. If you would like to Appeal this do it as a point dispute on the forums.
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