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  1. Your In-Game Name: Nick EvansYour Rank: CorporalYour Department: SWATYour Badge Number: 244Who gave you the points: Dylan RodgersTheir Rank: CaptainTheir Badge Number: 112Punishment you where given: 5 Points for Failure to Meet 15 Hours per weekLink to punishment report: Why it should be overturned: I met 15 hours in that calendar week but 2 of my hours for that week were on Sunday. I was also not aware hours were being recorded Monday to Sunday until I got the points, full disclosure I was told in a message that I needed to meet my hours "next week (30th - 5th)". I agreed to meet my hours without checking what days of the week those dates were. I had just assumed it was Sunday to Saturday as usual, I was unaware of this and had thought I put my hours in because I check before I stop playing at the end of the week.Any evidence to support this:
  2. Nick Evans

    [NEWS] Kamdan Daily

    I vote we change map to Taki for like 3 days for when we occupy them and take their oil. The Takistani Army can catch these hands
  3. Nick Evans

    Weapon Shop Change(ALL Factions)

    Maybe put a gun that has SBLR in advanced rebel so people who are level 50 can buy them.
  4. Nick Evans

    Keith Sweet - KSP Application

  5. Nick Evans

    Keith Sweet - KSP Application

  6. Nick Evans

    Mike Randal - KSP Application

  7. Nick Evans

    Jay Sneddon KSP Application

  8. Nick Evans

    Joshie Mackandola KSPD Application

  9. Nick Evans

    Joshie Mackandola

  10. Nick Evans

    Santana Venom - KSP Application

    I'm going to go ahead and extend the time he has to do his interview
  11. Nick Evans

    Jay Sneddon KSP Application

  12. Nick Evans

    Tobi Agdal - KSP Application

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