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  1. problem is the tasers are ineffective half of the time, and we get rushed by seemingly unarmed people during gunfights. It would help with dealing with lurking civilians
  2. Nick Evans

    Adjust vehicle speeds

    There are some epic vehicles in this mod pack that should be faster than they are. For example, 90% of the bmws are slow. The wrx sti, motorcycles, Infiniti, etc...
  3. I feel like it would help everyone tbh. It would help new gang members/cops give more accurate callouts over radio.
  4. yeah we could just tackle from the front, that would stop people from spinning and being invincible to tackle.
  5. This would make it so we would not have to shoot people pulling guns after they get out of cars. big +1
  6. +1, I'm level 64 right now and i can foresee not being able to buy all the important skills
  7. There used to be a lot more outfits in 1.0 then there were at beginning of 2.0. I am suggesting to add back the outfits from the TRYK pack into the rebel store and some of the normal clothes from that pack into regular civilian shop
  8. Nick Evans


    I feel there needs to be a way to speed up the animation
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