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  1. Oliver Ericsson

    Texture Submission's

    Hello everyone, With the release of 3.0 being around the corner, I would like to announce that members will now be able to submit textures for the server. These textures will be vetted by the development team to make sure it does not break server rules, there will then be an announcement in discord where the member will be able to vote which gets added. Submission Link: https://forms.gle/yFPQMqiuqkzzKJ6Q6 If anyone needs help with their textures they can contact either myself or @Myran Arbosa (Oliver#6314 or MyransGhost#4984) THIS IS NOT FOR GANG TEXTURES ONLY FOR CIVILIAN & REBEL
  2. Oliver Ericsson

    Oliver Ericsson - Transfer Request

    In-game name: Oliver Ericsson Rank: Sergeant Badge Number: 167 Current Department: Department Of Corrections / CRT Desired Department: Sheriff Sheriff side already approved by @Dillon Boyd & @Doug Jumper Reason: Signature: Oliver Ericsson
  3. Oliver Ericsson

    Jang Wang - Punishment Report

    Name: Jang Wang Rank: Senior Trooper Badge Number: 248 Department: Department Of Corrections Reason for Punishment: Endangering of Life Result of Punishment: 10 Points, 1 Day Suspension Authorising Officer Name: Oliver Ericsson Rank: Sergeant Badge Number: 167 Department: Department Of Corrections
  4. Oliver Ericsson

    DOC Corporal+ Carshop issue

    Will look into the issue and try to get it fixed for 3.0
  5. Oliver Ericsson

    Jorgen Glenister - Player Report

    Name: Oliver Ericsson Name of player you are reporting: Jorgen Glenister Date of Incident: 11/23/2019 Time of Incident (GMT) 4:48 PM / 17:48 (GMT+1) Rule(s) Broken: (copy paste full rule) Rule nr. 1: 9.8 – You must not use ingame features in an unrealistic manner. (Minor Exploiting) (Includes third person'ing THROUGH walls, shooting through walls which you could obviously not shoot through [such as concrete and brick walls], and running through walls) Rule nr. 2: 5.2 – When revived from EMS you are in medical custody, you must comply with EMS orders and may not leave the scene until EMS clears you. You must act as though you are injured and in need of help when you are in medical custody. A medic must verbally clear you before you can leave. Description of Incident: We were in a gunfight with Divinity at DOC, we were searching around the consctruction site where we had heard a gun being fired, one of my colleges was shot at and saw the shooter flee into the rock, i then fell into the rock and killed him. When medics revived him he instantly runs off and jumps into the water. In the third clip you can also hear the medic confirming the guys name. Evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeyBZgFzxa0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfHw3PX2ZsY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcGb2CtZXfM (I can upload more clips if needed) Have you already been to support about this incident: If so what was the result of the support case: Mr. Glenister was moved into the support channel but was afk at the time and i was asked by staff to put my report on here
  6. Oliver Ericsson

    Xolani Chinweuba - Punishment Report

    Name: Xolani Chinweuba Rank: Trooper Badge Number: 395 Department: Department Of Corrections Reason for Punishment: (M) Inactivty at Police Department (for over one hour) Result of Punishment: 10 Demerit Points Authorising Officer Name: Oliver Ericsson Rank: Sergeant Badge Number: 167 Department: Department Of Corrections
  7. Oliver Ericsson

    Weapon Shop Change(ALL Factions)

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