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Ivan Georgiev

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  1. Ivan Georgiev

    USCG Application

    Name (In Role play): Ivan Olsen Steam 64 ID: 76561198100978219 Timezone: gmt+3 Age: 19 Have you played on the server as a civilian? (Must be yes otherwise you will be denied): Yes Do you have any Law Enforcement Experience?: Yes on altis life servers Should you be accepted into the US Coast Guard, what standards and values would you bring and standby here? (Min. 100 Words) The main reason why i want to join the coast guard is because im looking for a new experience and i think the coast guard will be perfect for me because it has good balance of roleplay and combat. If i get accepted to the coast guard i will bring my experience which i have gained while i played here as a civ and the experience which i had as cop on the altis servers which is good roleplay and good combat skills.Another thing which im good at is helping new people when they are doing something legal and i think as a coast guard it will be alot easier for me to do. Why do you believe honesty, loyalty and integrity are our founding principles? Because i belive these are the main things which you need to require from a person who is joining a faction or even a gang.Honesty is very important cuz if you have someone doing something wrong and not saying anything about it will affect the other people close to him. Loyalty is something that you gain with time but once you get it you become very important member of the faction.The integrity combines both the honesty and the loyalty between the members and that's why i think its the most important part that you need to have. What do you believe makes a good Guardsman? A good Guardsman is a guy which always follows the chain of command. He needs to be honest ,loyal, mature and also he needs to be friendly with the other members of the team.Another thing is the ability to handle tasks without risking the other members life.All these things combined together are making the good guardsman. Anything else you would like to add? References (Not Mandatory): By signing below, you swear to uphold the law and constitution, to be loyal to your fellow Guardsman, to endeavour to be proactive and relentless in seeking peace and justice, to always be honest, to always be loyal, and to show respect where respect is due. Ivan Olsen
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