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Jake Hastings

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  1. Jake Hastings

    Giovanni Montana - KSP Application

    +1. Was a LT in FTO
  2. Jake Hastings

    Skills Perk recommendation

  3. Jake Hastings

    Skills Perk recommendation

    I think under the "Medical" tree in the skills menu, their should be a tree to heal yourself to 100%/"Very Healthy". You should be able to buy a perk or multiple perks to heal yourself to 80%, 90%, then eventually 100%. Having to drive to hospitals which are most of the time very far away can become annoying. Just a suggestion though.
  4. Jake Hastings

    drake wax - ksp application

    +1 - Great all around officer. Would be a fantastic officer for KSP.
  5. Jake Hastings

    Looking for 10 official gangs for Kamdan Life 2.0

    Gang Name: The Montanas Gang Leader: Cbiz Montana Gang Leader Discord: Giovanni Montana#7000 Do you have a uniform available: Yes (PM Jake Hastings/Montana for links) List of players (INCLUDING STEAM64ID): Member 1: Jake Montana (76561198020088854) Member 2: Tony Montana (76561198220417364) Member 3: Stizzy Montana (76561198151032068) Member 4: Cbiz Montana (76561198053111161) Member 5: Rico Montana (76561198158220185) Member 6: Pancho Montana (76561198262621280) Member 7: Fredric Montana (76561198106393525) Member 8: Josh Montana (76561198153300223)
  6. Jake Hastings

    Jake Hastings - KSP Application

    Name: Jake Hastings Age: 16 Date of Birth: 12/07/2002 Why would you like to join the Kamdan State Police? (100 words minimum): I wish to be employed with the Kamdan State Police because I would love to assist in the efforts to protect and serve Kamdan. I want to be a great help in bringing justice to Kamdan against all criminals that may be roaming the island. I love to be an officer of the law, and I feel that the Kamdan State Police would be a perfect job for me. Role play is never a problem with me, and never is any sorts of action. I want to keep the peace in Kamdan and work my absolute hardest to show KSP how good of an officer I can really be. I want to show my determination, hard working, and skilled attributes that I acquire to the KSP. This would be great for someone like me who has loved to be an LEO for years. Stopping criminals that disrupt the lives of normal civilians would be great for me as a person, and I want to be apart of this effort and to work hard for the department. Getting such an opportunity to be able to assist in such things for the Kamdan State police would be amazing, and I will always follow all of the SOPs and procedures that I am expected to follow. I am very eager to please in the Kamdan State Police, and I absolutely cannot wait to possibly get started. What are your previous experiences with being an LEO? (If any): I was on multiple communities in the past. I was a Deputy for a little while over at A3PL, and I reached the rank of Chief Sergeant in SWAT at ALRP. I also eventually joined FBI at ALRP. What makes a good Officer in your opinion? (100 words minimum): I believe that there are many factors in which make a good officer in my opinion. I believe a good officer should be a very determined and hard working individual. A good officer should be able to act under stressful situations with ease, even under pressure. They should be able to keep their cool and get the job done well and safely. Activity should not be a problem for a good officer. A good officer should be open to criticism, and should never shy from a possible opportunity to act as a leader. They should always strive for greatness and strive to be the best possible officer that they can be. A good officer should be professional, and should take their job seriously. A good officer in my opinion should always give the most of their effort possible while on duty. Command should never have to ask for more effort from an officer at any point in time. A good officer should follow commands orders without any problems. A good officer should follow SOPs without any type of problems. This is standard procedure and this would definitely contribute to a good officer. A good officer should set goals for themselves, to make sure they are trying their best and being the best that they can be. Anything that you would like to add?: Being an LEO is nothing new to me for role play communities and I have been an officer on multiple different islands ever since altis many years ago.
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