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  1. Jake Hastings

    Jake Hastings - Comp Request

    Name: Jake Hastings Steam64ID: 76561198020088854 Date of Incident: 08/12/2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): 10:00 PM EST Amount your claiming: $225-250k. Description of situation: I would use the Special Slot for cop and it was bugged so I'd die every single time and my gear would be stripped. This happened a bunch of times because I did not know the cause. Evidence: N/A
  2. Jake Hastings

    Jaguar Giveaway [7000 members]

  3. Jake Hastings

    Skills Perk recommendation

  4. Jake Hastings

    Skills Perk recommendation

    I think under the "Medical" tree in the skills menu, their should be a tree to heal yourself to 100%/"Very Healthy". You should be able to buy a perk or multiple perks to heal yourself to 80%, 90%, then eventually 100%. Having to drive to hospitals which are most of the time very far away can become annoying. Just a suggestion though.
  5. Jake Hastings

    Looking for 10 official gangs for Kamdan Life 2.0

    Gang Name: The Montanas Gang Leader: Cbiz Montana Gang Leader Discord: Giovanni Montana#7000 Do you have a uniform available: Yes (PM Jake Hastings/Montana for links) List of players (INCLUDING STEAM64ID): Member 1: Jake Montana (76561198020088854) Member 2: Tony Montana (76561198220417364) Member 3: Stizzy Montana (76561198151032068) Member 4: Cbiz Montana (76561198053111161) Member 5: Rico Montana (76561198158220185) Member 6: Pancho Montana (76561198262621280) Member 7: Fredric Montana (76561198106393525) Member 8: Josh Montana (76561198153300223)
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