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Mita Chan

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  1. Mita Chan

    ANZUSGaming Launcher Beta Sign Up!

    Name: Mita Chan Location: Norway Internet speed: https://gyazo.com/dd212b6f5f3e0647b21f8c78ce8b6e22 Operating system: Windows You agree to keep everything private and not leak anything: I agree.
  2. Mita Chan

    Looking for 4.5 testers

    Name: Mita Chan Time played on 4.0: 500+ hrs Do you have anything in the next two month(s) that will effect you being able to help testing: Nope Do you understand you will be expected to do hours of tedious tasks: Yep Do you understand you will be required to sign an NDA: (Any long term/trusted ANZUS members will not be required to do this) Yes
  3. Mita Chan

    State of Alaska v. Mita Chan

    It'd be better if it was today at 5pm EST as Tao won't make it tomorrow.
  4. Mita Chan

    State of Alaska v. Mita Chan

    I've had a speak with my attorney, and I've come to the conclusion; I plead not guilty to 1x Accessory Kidnapping I plead not guilty to 4x Attempted Second Degree Murder I plead not guilty to 1x Misdemeanor Evading Arrest.
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