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  1. Rece Kolasinski

    Gang Bank

  2. Rece Kolasinski

    Only 1 of each major per restart suggestion.

    -1 if you want people to do military ship and other majors make it more rewarding. Bigger gangs need a payout that can at least give them a cut that is as much of their loadout or more. I am also sick of only being able to do fed in order to actually get money I want new variety.
  3. Rece Kolasinski

    a rebel state island

  4. Rece Kolasinski

    10000 members giveaway!

  5. Rece Kolasinski

    need comp because of hacker

  6. Rece Kolasinski

    need comp because of hacker

    Name: Rece Kolasinski Steam64ID:76561198122589944 Date of Incident:8/19/2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): about 9:15, assuming this means Los Angeles time Amount your claiming:220k because my truck was full of uranium and I had a m4 moe black and now i have to buy insurance for my truck again plus my gang outfit and other stuff I had bought in my virtual inventory. Description of situation: I was driving to get money out of the atm and then my truck blew up from the hacker, my screen blacked out and i lost my loadout. Evidence:
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