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  1. Edward

    Hunter Uzamaki USCG Application

    Denied. Apps are closed.
  2. Edward

    Jason Smith - Enlistment Application

    Denied. Apps are closed.
  3. Edward

    Bobby Williamson - USCG Application

    Failed ASVAB. Denied, come back in 1 week.
  4. Welcome back my old friend. It has been long.
  5. Edward

    Tofu - App

    Hello Tofu Chuu, I will be denying you because applications are closed.
  6. Edward

    Governor Elections: Campaign Stage

    How does that affect anything? As a member of the Coast Guard am I not a citizen of the county? How come this information was not provided in the principal post for the election?
  7. Edward

    Governor Elections: Campaign Stage

    I had 13 upvotes and Skeeter had 11, why was I not considered @Doug Jumper?
  8. Edward

    Kings County Governor Election

    Roleplay Name: Edward McKendrick Steam 64 ID: 76561198082107626 Roleplay backstory / presidential backstory: Edward McKendrick is running for the governorship of Kings County and aims implement a number of reforms and change to the county which will protect the county from the coronavirus pandemic and make the county great again. Secession from the United States McKendrick is a strong believer in independence. That the country should not be bound to a nation that is so divorced from itself. If Kings County were to shape its future, it will be without the binding laws and precedents made by the government of the United States. Tackle crime and unauthorized entry. McKendrick aims to introduce a policy which tackles crime and unauthorized entry into the county. He does not oppose individuals seeking asylum , but rather the unauthorized entry into the county via people smugglers. McKendrick aims to introduce 'Operation Sovereign Borders' which aims to stop unauthorized boats from entering county waters. Furthermore, he aims to implement several policies which empower the county's law enforcement agencies to tackle the rising issues of major crimes, robberies and heists. Tackle inequality and other rising issues for citizens. McKendrick is a strong believer that the county's major disparity among citizens is the rising issue of inequality and poverty. With the county's top percentile of high-earners going to criminals, McKendrick aims to implement a policy which promotes legitimate business and competition, ensuring that legal work pays. Facilitate good relations between factions and civilians. McKendrick is aware of the rising tensions between civilians and factions in the county and will establish a department in the governor's office, consisting of representatives from each government agency who will facilitate discussions between civilians and factions in order to ensure that there is mutual ground and communication in regard to concerns of the public. Protect the sovereignty of government agencies. McKendrick will fight for the Department of Justice, King's County Sheriff's Office and Coast Guard in respect to maintaining their sovereignty. McKendrick will fight for logical resolutions and against higher orders from interfering with the matters of day-to-day business in these government agencies. If law enforcement and justice is to be executed effectively, it is to be done so at the discretion of these agencies, without interference from those of whom we cannot label as experts in the field. Audit and Revival of the Department of Justice. McKendrick is aware of the rising inactivity of the Department of Justice and aims to work alongside the Chief Justice to promote and revive the Department of Justice. As governor of King's County, McKendrick will fight for the people, and not against them. He will establish a cabinet of advisers and will make King's County Great again. Vote McKendrick. Vote Liberal.
  9. The Bar of the Military Court of Station 97 A person who: a) has been admitted to practice in the highest court of the State, Commonwealth, Territory or Possession or the District of Columbia for a period at least one (1) month; b) has not been subject to any adverse disciplinary action during that one (1) month period; c) and appears to this Court to be of good moral and professional character; qualifies for admission to the Bar of the Military Court of Station 97. Each applicant will file: 1. a certificate from a judge evidencing the duties set forth previously; 2. a personal statement stating why they wish to gain admission to the Bar of this court; 3. at least two sponsors who are members of the Bar of this court.
  10. Edward

    United States Coast Guard APP

    Sadly, Coast Guard applications are closed. Unless you have previously served or are currently serving in the respective armed forces of your country, I have to deny this application. Kind regards.
  11. Edward

    James Withers USCG application

    After speaking to several members with verified service, neither the Army Cadet Force nor the Merchant Navy is considered apart of the military. With that being said, I will have to decline your application. Kindly use the proper application template.
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