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Myran Arbosa

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  1. Myran Arbosa

    New punishment guidelines leading upto 3.0

    Everyone can get punished. This also includes Developers.
  2. Myran Arbosa

    Ninj Red - Demotion Report

    Why o7, he didn’t leave lol
  3. Myran Arbosa

    Joe Gonzalas - State Police application

    Confirming reference. Would be a great addition to the KSP.
  4. Myran Arbosa

    Bob Fraggerman - KSP Application

  5. Myran Arbosa

    Teamspeak/TFR upgrade guide

    sadly, this has not helped
  6. Myran Arbosa

    9000 Member giveaway!

  7. Myran Arbosa

    Myran Arbosa - KSP App

    @Jordan Goulding @Dave Hoffer
  8. Myran Arbosa

    Myran Arbosa - KSP App

    It’s been 10 days, could we please get someone to look at my application and also other people that applied like 10 days ago?
  9. Myran Arbosa

    Myran Arbosa - KSP App

    Reference 3: Dave Hoffer (since Hank Hoss isn't viable atm)
  10. Myran Arbosa

    Myran Arbosa - KSP App

    ups, wasnt logged in. thats my account though
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